Bettina Stark-Watzinger becomes the new Minister for Education and Research: finally impulses!

The new minister has big plans: on her agenda are the digitization of schools, basic funding for universities and federalism, which often acts as a stumbling block. Comment by Armin Himmelrath If you look at the FDP at state level, there is only one Liberal Minister in the whole of Germany in the field of … Read more

World Bank warns of even worse effects on education – international

WASHINGTON – The corona pandemic is having an even worse impact than previously expected on children’s education around the world. Even 21 months after the outbreak of the pandemic, schools remained closed to millions of children, the World Bank criticized in a report published on Monday. .

NÖAAB Teschl-Hofmeister: “It takes the necessary recognition for volunteering”

December 5th is International Volunteer Day. On this day, NÖAAB would like to point out the great achievements of the volunteers and demand the necessary recognition. St. Pölten (OTS) – “Energy, hard work, dedication and commitment to the community are values ​​that characterize the people in Austria. In rural areas in particular, voluntary work also … Read more

Jasi’s week: like dog and cat

Samoyed Sammy was already there, but only in the garden – with consequences for the bed and lawn. Now there is a threat of a new dog visit. In the house. This can not go well. Do you remember Sammy? This is this beautiful, snow-white youngster of a dog breed called Samoyed, who recently, during … Read more

Leaning schools in Essen are about to move

Essen-Schonnebeck. Two primary schools in Essen have been crooked for years. Now they should move. Students and teachers had repeatedly complained of dizziness. The Johann Michael Sailer School and the Schillerschule in Schonnebeck were canceled a few days before the summer holidays, the long-planned move to the modular building. But now it should work: In … Read more

HNU student Mara Serek receives a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation

0 comments Mara Serek is studying industrial engineering, a cooperative course between the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) and the Technical University of Ulm (THU), in the seventh semester and has received a lavish scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation. It was suggested by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Bihr from THU. The Studienstiftung supports … Read more

The cuddly dog ​​Gregor is looking for a new home

Tormented animal found The cuddly dog ​​Gregor is looking for a new home Updated: 12/04/2021, 6:06 am Photo: Henrik Bode Sadness. The mixed breed male is barely a year old and loves agility. Of the Mixed breed male Gregor was born in February 2021 and is a very nice and cuddly male. He is very … Read more

Weeze: Racing cyclist falls because a dog runs into the bike

Weeze. A dog caused a serious accident on the Vorselaer street in Weeze, in which a 40-year-old racing cyclist was seriously injured. A dog caused a serious accident on the Vorselaer street in Weeze: The animal ran out of a bush on the edge of the street directly in front of the front wheel of … Read more

Corona in Hagen: Extrabreit cancels all concerts

Hagen. The home game in Hagen is the highlight of the Christmas lightning tour for Extrabreit. Now the band has canceled all concerts due to Corona. Rock ‘n’ roll is on stage. Where the audience clap and sing. Where the deafening bass thuds from the speakers. Where the freshly tapped Pils beer tastes good to … Read more