Project by Klausenhof and youth work for political education

May 5, 2022 at 06:20 New project by Klausenhof and youth work : A door opener into politics More than just discussing: The project “Open” aims to promote political education among young people. Foto: Klausenhof Hamminkeln The Klausenhof Academy and the youth work team are jointly implementing the new project called “Open”. It is intended … Read more

AfD candidate in Rheinisch-Bergisch District II

Apr 25, 2022 at 4:17 p.m Direct candidate in the state election in constituency 22 : Clemens: Education, building culture, local history The AfD state association in North Rhine-Westphalia put Carlo Clemens in eighth place on the list at its state election meeting in autumn 2021. Photo: private Rhein-Berg Carlo Clemens from Bergisch-Gladbach is applying … Read more

Gabalier presents new album – UnserTirol24

Andreas Gabalier gives a concert on July 29th on the Seebühne Mörbisch. After the corona-related break for big concerts, the “folk rock’n’roller” now feels “let off the chains” and in great anticipation of the performance at Lake Neusiedl. At the press conference on Monday in Mörbisch, he announced his new album – like the recently … Read more

Catholic day-care centers invite you to the Easter path through Gladbeck

Gladbeck. The Catholic day-care centers invite you to an Easter trail with ten stations through Gladbeck. In this way, children should learn more about the Easter tradition. the Catholic day care centers in Gladbeck have one together with pastor Stephanie Hermann for children, parents and other interested parties Easter way organized by Gladbeck. The ten … Read more

HAGIOS – Can one sing peace, Herr Burggrabe?

On the Lower Rhine. Helge Burggrabe is a composer, flautist and inventor of the HAGIOS recitals. There are now sing-along concerts for peace in Xanten and Emmerich. It should be a sing-along counter for peace – singing together – without rehearsals, without much fanfare, without trained voices – everyone can come and sing along, says … Read more

Glass and poison bait: Perpetrators can even face imprisonment

Bottrop-Kirchhellen. Severe penalties await those who set bait with poison, glass or nails. That explains the city of Bottrop after the death of Ben the dog. The news caused great sympathy: A dog died because it ate glass splinters. His owner is now calling, especially in Grafenwald, to pay attention to possible glass bait and … Read more

Korean megastar Yugyeom gives a concert in Oberhausen

Oberhausen. Hip-hop boy band Got7 has a chart-topping subscription in South Korea. Their singer Kim Yugyeom is playing solo concerts in Germany for the first time. Ejf = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx / xb {/ef0tubfeuf0pcfsibvtfo0uvscjofoibmmf.fspfggofu.tdibmmxfsl.nju.tubs.ek.qbvm.wbo.ezl.je345:79484/iunm# ujf? ibu tdipo sfjdimjdi bvàfshfx ÷ iomjdif Lpo {fsuf hftfifo / Fjo Tubs nju cftpoefst xfjufs Bosfjtf ojnnu bn … Read more

What made the concert in the rococo hall of Kamp-Lintfort special

Kamp-Lintfort. The rococo hall at Kloster Kamp could be used again after a year and a half. Johann Sebastian Bach was heard in a completely different way. Ejf Lpncjobujpo Cbdi Voe Gmýhfm tjoe wjfmfo cflboou- bcfs BMT EBT Tdimbh {FVH Voe Lpousbcbtt fjotfu fo- {cfhjoou EBT Qvcmjlvn new administrative EFN HBO {fo L ÷ sqfs … Read more

The search for happiness

At the general meeting of the “Haus der Familie” yesterday (April 9) on the grounds of the training center, a new puzzle course was presented on the occasion of 75 years of educational activity. This connects freely accessible outdoor spaces with the web and the history of Lichtenstern. In the end it should lead to … Read more

Project: Pupils in Herne will be able to use “LernRäume” in the future

Herne. Many students in Herne have to do without a laptop at home or have no quiet place to work. For them there are now the “learning rooms”. Ejf Dpspobqboefnjf bring jo = Tbdifo tuspoh? Ejhjubmjtjfsvoh = 0tuspoh? Wjfmfspsut Tdixbditufmmfo pggfocbsu- bvdi Cfsfjdi Cjmevoh jn / WPS bmmfn Ljoefs BVT tp {JBM tdixbdifo Wfsiåmuojttfo Tjoe … Read more