Dog in Apolda: “Rex” attacks the collie and the owner – several bite wounds

Apolda. Nasty scenes in Apolda! A dog called “Rex” attacked a collie and its owner there. dog and mistresses will remember the attack for a long time because of multiple bite wounds. She and the police will also react to the reaction of “Rex ‘” masters Apolda keep busy for a while. Dog in Apolda: … Read more

Animal attack on therapy farm: Angry sheep kills elderly woman

Boston – An animal lover in the USA was fatally undoed by her affection for sheep. 73-year-old ex-nurse Kim T. died while doing volunteer work on a therapy farm near Boston. The elderly woman wanted to look after the sheep, as she usually did – but this time she came across a particularly aggressive specimen. … Read more

Beatrice Egli in Bochum: Bitter news for fans – “It breaks my heart”

Bochum Beatrice Egli in Bochum: Bitter news for fans – “It breaks my heart” Beatrice Egli has sad news for her fans from Bochum. (Archive image) Photo: IMAGO / STAR-MEDIA Bochum. Long have fans of Beatrice Egli looking forward to December. But now there is bad news for all concert-goers Bochum! With an emotional and … Read more

▷ POL-LB: Freiberg am Neckar: Calling witnesses after bodily harm and insult

05.12.2021 – 07:33 Police headquarters in Ludwigsburg Ludwigsburg (ots) On Saturday around 1:30 p.m. it came on the field path between Ingersheim and Freiberg / N. a dispute between a pedestrian and a cyclist. The 53-year-old pedestrian was walking his dog while a previously unknown cyclist approached from behind. As the pedestrian passed, the cyclist’s … Read more

Woman bitten by dog

0 comments Last Monday, a 52-year-old was walking her dog in the Meerholzweg in the area of ​​the Riedelsee in Elchingen when suddenly the dog of a 69-year-old ran towards her. The “boxer” attacked her dog, a “Maltese mixed breed”. To protect him, she picked up her dog. Here she was attacked by the “boxer” … Read more

Marie D. killed her mother: murder weapon porcelain kitten – News Inland

Regensburg – It was about the dog. Marie D. (33) from Puttenhausen (Bavaria) grabbed a cat and beat her mother, Annette-Katrin D. († 61), to death. The murder trial against Marie D. began yesterday in front of the regional court in Regensburg – during which the perpetrator’s bizarre call to the police was played. After … Read more

a woman attacked by her three dogs, her vital prognosis engaged

A woman was hospitalized in absolute emergency, this Wednesday evening, a few moments after being attacked by her dogs in Montgeron (Essonne). The police intervened after being alerted that a woman was in cardio-respiratory arrest following a dog attack. Of Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed, the three dogs involved were captured moments after the fact. The … Read more

▷ POL-UL: (HDH) Sontheim / Brenz – Does someone shoot cats? / Two injured cats …

01.12.2021 – 11:10 Police headquarters in Ulm Ulm (ots) The owner of the two cats now reported to the police. He reported that the two cats were injured during November. On Fridays, first one came home, then the other with injured paws. According to the vet, the injuries may have been caused by air rifle … Read more

▷ POL-WAF: Everswinkel. Slightly injured cyclist after meeting a dog

29.11.2021 – 10:25 Police Warendorf Warendorf (ots) A slightly injured woman and an injured dog are the result of a walk on Saturday evening (November 27th, 2021, 7.20pm) in Everswinkel. A 47-year-old woman from Everswinkler was riding her bicycle and a dog on a leash on the Versmar street to turn left into a junction. … Read more