Notice on Open Registration for Blended Learning MIT Official Course Program in Spring 2023

1. Project information 1. Project overview: Blended Learning is currently one of MIT’s most cutting-edge large-scale official course projects for college students around the world. It is led by MIT xPRO, the official learning platform of MIT Open Learning (school-level department), and is taught by more than 100 professors, researchers, and industry experts. The team … Read more

Linkmusic, the platform for the promotion of concerts and events

A music promoter, as its name indicates, is in charge of disseminate and promote the work of creators, soloists and bands in order to circulate new productions and diversify the music scene locally and internationally. These people maintain contact with agents, clubs and concert halls, in such a way that the artists have spaces for … Read more

The Ministry of Education presented the distance learning platform “Vocational Education Online”

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine presented the distance learning platform “Professional Education Online”. “It will allow students to learn working professions online, teachers to supplement education with modern digital content, and everyone who wants to get a working profession or improve their professional skills remotely. 24 training courses have already been posted … Read more

Zuecos: Crocs Classic Animal Print

HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF MY CROCS? If you have a Croslite™, Matelite™ or LiteRide™ material model, you can simply clean the shoe with cold/lukewarm water and neutral soap. If you have a leather or fabric model, clean the shoe with a damp cloth or soft sponge. If you have a canvas or suede … Read more

Kugou Music Open Platform Helps Musicians Build Personal Brands and Launch Numerous Custom Features_TOM

After years of precipitation, the Kugou Music Open Platform has launched a refined operation mode and launched many custom functions, from photo upload, song announcement, singer page management, AI singer singing to commercial authorization, etc., helping 300,000 settled musicians to build personal brands At the same time, you can also increase your income. On the … Read more

Kugou Music Open Platform One-stop Solution to Music Distribution Problems Helps Musicians Efficiently Release Songs_TOM News

Good music can speak by itself, but its voice needs to be heard by more people. With the rapid development of the “music +” pan-entertainment model, music distribution channels are not limited to music platforms. In the past, music distribution and commercial sub-licensing were operated on different platforms, and it often took a lot of … Read more

The battle lines are stretched, and the physical double 11 war is getting ahead of schedule – yqqlm

Original title: The front line is elongated, and the physical double 11 war is getting more and more advanced The first-hour pre-sale transaction of GAP men’s clothing increased by more than 200% year-on-year; the women’s clothing brand insis femme’s pre-sale first-day transaction increased by 159% year-on-year, and MaxMara’s first-day pre-sale transaction increased by more than … Read more

Niger launches the “Edu-Niger” portal to improve the quality of the education system through digital services

The government announced, at the beginning of this year, major reforms in the education system in Niger. The first results of these decisions are already visible through the establishment of the national education platform. On Friday, October 14, the Minister of National Education, Pr Ibrahim Natatou (photo, center), launched the national portal for unified access … Read more

The International College of the Red Cross Cloud Education Platform Goes Online to Realize the Co-construction and Sharing of Global Humanitarian Education Resources_Teaching_China_Development

Original title: The Cloud Education Platform of the International College of the Red Cross goes online to realize the co-construction and sharing of global humanitarian education resources China News Service, Beijing, September 22 (Reporter Zhang Su) The reporter learned from the China Red Cross Foundation on the 22nd that the cloud education platform of the … Read more