What vaccines could be produced in the plant under construction in Razgrad? | Policy News from Bulgaria and the World

In three months we will have a ready plant where vaccines against COVID-19 can be produced. This was announced by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, according to the government’s press center, on Saturday from the production base of Biovet in Razgrad. Together with the director of the Drug Agency, Bogdan Kirilov, he inspected the process of … Read more

Benefits of Basil Leaves for Men, Help Increase Sexual Desire

Merdeka.com – You may be familiar with basil leaves. By the community, basil leaves are often used as fresh vegetables or complementary dishes in dishes. But, apart from being involved in kitchen activities, basil leaves also have health benefits. Fresh basil leaves are considered to contain water, protein, carbohydrates, lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants, fiber, and … Read more

Make no mistake, how to cultivate Telang flowers so that the benefits are maintained

KOMPAS.com – Consumption of telang flowers has many benefits for the body. But make sure the processing is right so that the nutrients are maintained. This flower is easy to grow and cultivate yourself. However, we still have to pay attention to the processing process so as not to damage the positive content of this … Read more

Koktebel winery went under the hammer in Crimea

Photo: rabkor.ru Winery in Crimea sold at auction The company that won the auction belongs to the Russian Gatchina distillery in the Leningrad region. Koktebel winery was sold at an auction in Crimea. It was bought by a company that had previously leased it from the Russian authorities. The relevant data are published on the … Read more

A box to say “I love you” in pastry for Valentine’s Day

<!– By Francoise Peiffer | Published on 1/17/2021 8:08 PM While the cooking classes they provide, in Battice and Liège, are not about to resume, Sophie’s Kitchen and Mimi Pâtisserie have once again decided to join forces to offer a box, containing the ingredients and equipment. necessary, to make a dessert that will undoubtedly crack … Read more