Nargiz won a trial against the former concert director and is going to punish Zhirinovsky

The 50-year-old singer won two lawsuits against Igor Malyukov, who was organizing her concerts in Voronezh and other cities. Zakirova shared the news on Instagram. Photo: Social networks In court, Nargiz managed to prove that she was slandered: the information that fans began to massively demand money for tickets because of the artist’s inappropriate behavior … Read more

A group of preschool education at a secondary school will open soon in Nurimanovsky district

Thanks to the implementation of the federal project “Promoting the employment of women – creating conditions for preschool education for children under the age of three” of the national project “Demography”, it will be possible to open a new preschool educational institution in the Nurimanovsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. As part of a … Read more

Artists can apply for the “CityARTists 2021” award

Together with numerous cities, the city of Bonn is offering an artist grant. Artists from all areas can now apply for the lavish prize. Bonn artists can apply for the “CityARTists 2021“ apply. Together with the member cities, the NRW cultural secretariat is awarding this prize. Visual artists from a wide variety of fields such … Read more

Univer Scholarship on TNT4 channel at 13:00 01/13/2021, frames, videos, actors.

The Ministry of Education made a mistake and transferred the scholarship card of all Univer students to Sasha. Sasha decided that his father had transferred the money and immediately gave it to the treatment of a sick child, found by Tanya in the back streets of the Internet. When the mistake is found out, everyone … Read more

Andrey Chibis spoke about the development of culture in 2020 – Murmansk Vestnik

The Governor of the Murmansk Region Andrey Chibis summed up the results of 2020 in the field of culture. – Last year, cultural institutions did not work for a long time due to coronavirus restrictions, but life was in full swing inside them. It was a time of repairs and re-equipment, the creation of new … Read more

Interview Arena boss Stefan Lochs has to lead his company through difficult times / Bühne / Kultur / /

What is the arena balance for the two ATP tennis tournaments? Stefan Loch: It was positive that we got these two tournaments off the ground within a few weeks. Usually there is a lead time of one year. We postponed five concerts for this because we really wanted to have this event. It was broadcast … Read more

Golden hits: What you can listen to on the stage of Tver

January 2 In the regional recreation center “Proletarka” the legendary group “Na-Na” will perform. This group has a whole army of fans, they are real idols of the 90s. The whole country sings the hits of this group: “Hat fell”, “Beautiful, let’s go for a drive”, “Faina”, “Zinaida” and many others. They promise that they … Read more

Murmansk Philharmonic invites you to New Year’s concerts during the holidays

Photo: Anna Schmidt A large concert program is planned for the New Year holidays at the Murmansk Regional Philharmonic. On January 6 at 5 pm the concert “Music of Christmas – Prayer, Ave Maria and Spirituals” will take place. The program included works by Bach, Cherubini, Verdi, Tosti, Vidor, as well as American spirituals (spiritual … Read more

Which of the Russian stars refused New Year’s corporate parties?

28 December 2020, Monday, 11:11 0 New Year is one of those holidays when the stars of Russian show business prefer to work, since the fees for performing on New Year’s Eve increase several times. Changes are coming this year. The imprint was imposed by a pandemic. Many famous artists have refused to perform in … Read more

The music box swung open again. Music lovers have missed the live sound – Murmansk Bulletin

In the polar night, the Philharmonic building shines with lights and stars, like a precious box decorating the city center. Let’s clarify: a music box, because music lives inside it! And after a forced nine-month silence last weekend, she finally sounded again. True connoisseurs of classical music gathered to listen to Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky performed … Read more