Dog survived 200-foot fall

A young American couple accompanied by their four-year-old Goldendoodle were on their way to Oak Creek Canyon for a day outdoors. Once there, the dog Simba was so excited that he ran and wanted to jump on his owner who was on a rock. The problem is, he missed his shot. • Read also: Man … Read more

Phoenix Nirvana Rebirth from Ashes-Little Yellow Dog Environmental Technology Rebirth | Phoenix | Bankruptcy and Reorganization_Sina

Original Title: Phoenix’s Nirvana Rebirth-The Little Yellow Dog’s Environmental Technology Rebirth After less than 5 months of bankruptcy and reorganization, Xiaohuanggou Environmental Technology finally survived the difficulties. The company is currently recovering and accumulating energy. According to a report from the “Dongguan Daily” on April 12, the current situation of Xiaohuanggou Company’s recovery is better … Read more

Suns resist and beat the Celtics

Mikal Bridges scored 19 points, Devin Booker added 18 points with 11 assists and the Phoenix Suns held out to beat the Boston Celtics 100-91 on Sunday. Phoenix improved to 13-9 this season, with five wins in his last six games. Cam Johnson added 17 points as a backup, while Deandre Ayton had 16 points … Read more

Low-calorie stew recipes for weight loss in autumn and winter to promote metabolism and develop easy-to-lean physique

At 11:21 on February 7, 2021 Author: Zhang Xiaomei heat: 194 ℃ Source: cuisine Introduction: The weather is getting colder and colder, and I always want to eat something hot, which can also improve the metabolism of the body, promote blood circulation, and develop a physique that is easy to lose weight. And all kinds … Read more

Viral video | A couple finds a transparent mirror in the house they just moved into | VIRAL

Can you imagine arriving in a new house and discovering a year later that a wall mirror was actually a transparent one connected to a camera? That was exactly what happened to a young couple from U.S, whose story of its impressive find, told in a viral video, became a trend in TikTok. MORE INFORMATION: … Read more