Invasive species in Spain | Five animals forbidden as pets that you did not know

The invasive alien species They are species introduced naturally, accidentally or intentionally into an environment that is not their own and that, after a certain time, manage to adapt to it and colonize it. In Spain you are species are listed in the Spanish catalog of invasive alien species which was updated in 2019 by … Read more

Ceva’s Forceris celebrates the 100 million animals treated globally

More than 100 million animals treated in two years. These are the worldwide figures of Forceris, the innovative treatment for prevention of anemia and coccidiosis in a single injectable application that Something Animal Health launched in 2019 and that has changed the way of handling piglets of a few days old in the countries where … Read more

“Nose Pecha Exhibition 2021” held in Osaka, Christmas limited photo spots … December 10-26 | Web media “REANIMAL” that conveys the reality of animals

BACON will hold a new exhibition of the joint photo exhibition & product sales exhibition “Nose Pecha Exhibition” of French Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu from December 10th to December 26th at LUCUA Osaka. hold. In addition to the cavalier “Claire (@claire__cavalier)” and Chow Chow’s “Kurizo (@kurizo_chow)”, which will be the first landing … Read more

Winning or not guilty … Dog “getting a judgment” Behind the scenes of commercialization talked by the person in charge of the topic toys | Hint-Pot

“Hand-held breaking news for judgments” is now available as a doggy toy[Image courtesy of Bandai Co., Ltd.] Looking at the reports that convey the judgment of the trial, there are people who run with a scroll with the content of the judgment such as “winning”. That is called “Mochibata” for breaking news, and is generally … Read more

What are home appliances that respond to the worries of dog and cat owners? Points to be aware of when at home taught by veterinarians –Home appliances Watch

Panasonic introduces hypochlorous acid sterilization deodorizers, vacuum cleaners, pet cameras, etc. as home appliances useful for pet owners Panasonic has released the results of a survey on changes in life and worries for dog and cat owners in light of the recent circumstances such as spending more time with pets at home and increasing the … Read more

Planas recognizes that there are points of the Animal Protection Law that generate “concern”

In recent weeks, a conflict between Podemos and the PSOE around the Draft of the Law of Protection and Rights of Animals which was recently introduced. The problem is that Podemos, the main promoter of the rule, wants to start its processing as soon as possible, but this is being delayed until agreements are reached … Read more

Animals have rights and deserve respect

The relationship with animals continues to evolve. As the years go by, more and more people understand that they are sentient beings, that they deserve respect and have rights. That necessarily implies a change to practices that have been carried out for years. It is also critical that some tough decisions are made. A bill … Read more

Resident of Omsk who repainted someone else’s pedigree dog confessed to the police

A mysterious story happened in the life of an American Staffordshire Terrier named Elsa. During the walk, the disciplined dog disappeared without a trace. Elsa’s owner Mikhail Khudoroshkov recalls that he went into the parking lot and for a moment released the animal from the leash. Then the dog disappeared. “We did not sleep until … Read more

A resident of Puebla de Guzmán patents the first massage and relaxation bed for pets

Human inventiveness seems to have no limits, and in the province of Huelva we have clear examples of this. This time, a neighbor of the Andevaleño municipality of Puebla de Guzmán, Andrés Torrescusa Rodríguez, which already has several patents under its belt, has designed and registered the first massage and relaxation bed for pets, especially … Read more