5 signs with which your dog shows that he loves you

have a dog at home is a task that requires daily and constant care because many factors are needed to keep it healthy, happy and full of love. In fact, by integrating a puppy As part of our family, we tend to worry about all aspects of your life. When you have a dog, you … Read more

Hidalgo requires higher penalties to inhibit animal abuse

elizabeth hernandez Pachuca / 26.01.2023 14:37:18 After the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJEH), through the Investigation Unit for Crimes against animal abusefollow up and recover a Belgian shepherd who was locked up in an abandoned house a week ago in the municipality of Epazoyucanthey continue with the investigations to find out who is responsible for … Read more

Verstrynge insists that the animal welfare law “must come out as soon as possible” and that “nobody would understand leaving hunting dogs out

The secretary of the Organization of Podemos and Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Lilith Verstrynge, said this Wednesday, after meeting with animal groups, that the animal welfare law, currently in parliament, “it must get ahead as soon as possible”, because it is “so demanded by society”. According to the Ministry of Social Rights … Read more

These are the fines for having one of the pets prohibited in the new Animal Welfare Law

Pets fill many people’s homes with life. Companion animals become another member of the family and guaranteeing their well-being and taking care of them as they deserve, must be one of the main objectives of all those who decide to include an animal in their lives. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and for this … Read more

DOG FOOD | These are the fruits that your dog can eat

Surely many times you have wondered if you can give your dog a piece of the apple you are eating, especially after seeing his face and those eyes asking you to give him a little. And the answer is affirmative. yes you can give him fruits to your dog. Of course, not all fruits are … Read more

How can I protect my dog ​​or cat from animal abuse in Veracruz? – The Sun of Cordoba

The violence against animals is an inhumane and unjustified action that causes suffering, stress, physical harm or even death to defenseless beings who experience abuse in total silence, animalists agree. The most common violence is abandonment, which not only exists in the streets, because there are dogs and cats that spend their time tied up … Read more

the benefits for your pet

There are three magic words for every self-respecting entrepreneur: observation, creativity and courage. This triad should accompany anyone who wants to stand out with a new business, and the three concepts are served Gonzalo and Sergi, two Catalan friends who decided to come together to “revolutionize the market” and have done so with Dogfy Diet, … Read more

Irish Greyhound: origin, size and character

Watch out, gentle giant! The Irish Greyhound or Irish wolfhound is indeed the largest dog in the world with the Great Dane. Initially bred to hunt big game and large predators such as wolves, the Irish Greyhound has now become an affectionate and demanding pet. His origins The Irish Hound has a long muzzle. Adobe … Read more