Back to work: how to calm your dog and cat’s anxiety? – Pets – Life

After more than a year of confinements and restrictions, added to the changes in most of the habits Due to the pandemic, people’s mental health was affected, but little has been said about the stress and the alterations that the pets during this period, as they were not used to their owners spending most of … Read more

The absurd comparison between animal lovers and the Nazis advocated by Elisa Beni

Related news The journalist Elisa Beni has starred this week in one of the most notorious forward escapes of Twitter when facing several people who said feel your pets “like family”. The trigger for the controversy was a publication by the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, in which she spoke of the VioPet program, which … Read more

Dog Day: Pets influence people’s mental health – Pets – Life

Since the pandemic began, the number of adoptions of pets, Dogs and cats. According to an investigation carried out at the Bogotá level by the Institute for Animal Protection and Welfare (IDPYBA), in 2019 there were about 1,147 adoptions, while in 2020 and so far in 2021 there are already 2,121 adopted. “Human-animal research has … Read more

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Dog owners are often faced with the fact that animals do not behave the best when they are alone in the apartment. Many animals start barking and howling to attract attention. Of course, no one likes this behavior. Why does the dog play pranks in your absence: 1. Small puppies do not tolerate loneliness, because … Read more

“Animal welfare plays an important role in the One Health perspective”

The growing consumer concern for animal welfare has become a social demand. A challenge, that from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, consider ‘capital’ on the way to focus’One Health‘, but also an opportunity for the livestock sector and for that of companion animals, where, they assure, “better well-being also affects the health and safety of those … Read more

Schleswig-Holstein: There’s a dog on the board … | Regional

Süsel (Schleswig-Holstein) – Tequila (2) sits calmly on the board, cannot be unbalanced by gusts of wind or ducks. Owner Jana Heymann (42) is on the paddle – she maneuvers them safely across the water in Seepark Süsel (Ostholstein district). The dog trainer and her Labrador bitch are a well-rehearsed stand-up paddling team. Jana: “Calm … Read more

“Creating a strong bond with the animal is the best vaccine against abandonment”

Every July 21, the Day of the Dog is celebrated, a date in which the figure of this universal pet is honored. The best tribute we can pay to these faithful friends and take care of them, respect them and, above all, not abandon them, something about which the Affinity Foundation tries to raise awareness. … Read more

Towards a sustainable and resilient agriculture in the country

Today, food production has a major impact on natural resources. According to the FAO’s ‘Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture’ report, this activity uses approximately 73% of the total fresh water in the region each year, and it is estimated that currently 50% of agricultural land has some degree of erosion. Similarly, it is estimated that by … Read more

attempts to manage coffee rust

The coffee rust disease is caused by the fungus Hemileia vastatrix, which causes the early and massive fall of leaves affecting the formation and filling of the fruits, reduces the production and the quality of the harvest and weakens the coffee plants. until producing the so-called “paloteo”. It also affects the susceptible varieties of coffee … Read more