A homeless dog bit a schoolgirl on the lip in the Nevsky district

Accidents due to dog aggression occur not only in the northern capital. This is how stray quadrupeds have been terrorizing residents of the residential complex “Volzhskaya Gavan” in Kazan for several years. Residents of houses nearby also suffer: animals come to the embankment nearby, they can rush at adults and children, they behave very aggressively. … Read more

the writer demanded compensation from Pulkovo for the lost pet

In St. Petersburg, the writer and psychologist demanded compensation from Pulkovo and Turkish Airlines. Airport employees first dropped and broke the cage with her shepherd dog, and then completely lost the dog. Fortunately, two hours later, the four-legged pet was found. Writer and psychologist Marina Soyta was returning to the northern capital from Turkey with … Read more

Petersburgers told how to return money for canceled concerts

Many concerts have been canceled during the pandemic Photo: Julia PYKHALOVA Petersburgers were told what to do after the cancellation of a failed concert or performance for which a ticket was purchased. After all, some events that were supposed to take place in pre-Covid times have not yet taken place. Therefore, the issue of a … Read more

Mass cancellation and postponement of top concerts began in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, they continue to massively cancel or postpone performances. In particular, the concerts of Irina Allegrova and Vika Tsyganova, which were to be held at the Colosseum Concert Hall and the Ice Palace, were cancelled. It also became known that the Three Days of Rain group postponed their concert for 4 months. In … Read more

“Education is the promotion of the country’s standards”

The outgoing year was marked by a fundamental restructuring of relations between Russia and the collective West that had developed over the past quarter of a century, accompanied by the destruction of relations in the political and economic spheres. About how this affected the activities of one of the leading Russian universities, about the ‚Äúculture … Read more

The Russians were told which dogs were the most popular in 2022

18 December 2022, 16:26 Author: Vasily Buga In Russia, they compiled a list of the most popular dog breeds among the country’s population in the outgoing 2022. Russians more often prefer smaller dogs, but the list also includes pets of impressive size. The Russian Cynological Federation was engaged in summing up the results. The list … Read more

Pit bulls bit a lapdog in front of her owner and children in St. Petersburg

The dog’s owner called the police. A photo: Mikhail FROLOV Two pit bulls killed a mestizo lapdog in St. Petersburg. The terrible incident took place in front of the owners of a small dog and children in the courtyard of house 59 on Narodnaya Street. The fighting dogs suddenly jumped out and began to tear … Read more

The Secret to SHAMAN’s Success and Replacing Departed Artists: Top 10 Pop Stars of 2022 Named

SHAMAN has already sold out shows for spring 2023 and has announced additional shows. A photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network A lot has changed in the show business market over the past nine months. Some stars fled abroad, angered fans with anti-patriotic statements, and in response, their … Read more

SHAMAN announces additional concerts amid sold-out crowds in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Russian singer SHAMAN is surprised by the huge popularity among fans of musical art. Fans sold out all the tickets for his concert in St. Petersburg, which led to a full house. Image source: Photo by Yaroslav Dronov in social networks As the musician Yaroslav Dronov, who is better known under the pseudonym SHAMAN, wrote … Read more

Police shot dead a dog that attacked seven people in St. Petersburg

Police shot dead a dog that attacked people in St. Petersburg A photo: SOCIAL NETWORK In St. Petersburg, police officers shot dead a dog that attacked people. It all happened on the evening of November 16, 2022 in the city of Krasnoe Selo. The police received a message that an animal attacked and bit several … Read more