In Ukraine, the mechanism of “patronage pensions” was launched: how to make a donation to a specific pensioner (guidelines)

In Ukraine, a system of so-named “patronage pensions” was launched, when any individual can health supplement a pensioner’s pension on line. As documented “Social details platform”a charitable contribution can be designed through the web portal of the Pension Fund’s electronic companies. For this you need: Log in to the web portal. Pick out the “Charitable … Read more

A service dog helped find a Ugra woman lost in the rain in the dark

14:19 19.08.2022 398 views Photo: SurgutInform-TV archive In the dark and in the rain, police officers with a service dog were looking for the missing Ugra woman. The scent did not disappoint the four-legged assistant – the lost one was found and returned home. The rescue story was told in the press service of the Ministry … Read more

In Rostov-on-Don, a pensioner announced the mass persecution of dogs by dog ​​hunters

The woman is sure that her three guard dogs died not without the participation of dog hunters. Photo for illustration The pensioner lives on Chermodachka Street in a private house. She had three watchdogs. All dogs were microchipped and spayed. The woman claims that the dogs reacted by barking only to those who entered the … Read more