24. Kuh – KiKA

In the “I know an animal” story, a whale is very sad. Because he is so big, no animal dares go near him. But when the whale swims to the surface, it gets to know a bird that handles its size very differently. And finally the sea creatures also lose their shyness. .

11. Cat – KiKA

Episode from today, 9:25 a.m. “I know an animal and that is at home with a lot of people!” – If you pay attention to the animal puzzle, you will quickly know which animal is involved: the cat. Cats are very good at sneaking. Joelle might as well like to sneak, for example to scare … Read more

7 Portraits of Maternity Shoot Nella Kharisma, Showing Baby Bump and Scraps – Intimate with Dory Harsa like a Royal Couple

Pregnancy In Kharisma It’s already the 8th month. He is now only counting the weeks to welcome his little one into the world. She captured this moment of pregnancy in a maternity shoot. She and her husband looked charming like royalty. Take a peek at the photos! .