The photo of the Natos and Waor concert in Valladolid that scandalizes the Covid expert from the Board

Related news More of 4,500 young people vibrated yesterday in Valladolid with the concert offered by Natos and Waor, the fashionable couple, at the Pisuerga sports center. But above the success of the performance, what has unleashed the controversy is an image that the group itself shared on its social networks of the concert. In … Read more

New spaces for learning, the challenge of universities in a pandemic | Companies | Business

One of the sectors most affected during the pandemic was education. In fact, according to a report by the Javeriana University, enrollment in Higher Education Institutions decreased 23.3% in 2020, compared to 2019. (See: The lessons left by the covid pandemic, according to CEOs of Colombia). The migration to virtual environments also represented a challenge … Read more

Parents send their children to school anyway

Berlin – According to the Brandenburg Ministry of Education, only a few pupils use the compulsory attendance in schools, which has been suspended in many grades since Monday due to the tense Corona situation. “In our estimation, only a few parents have made use of the right to leave their children at home,” said ministry … Read more

Corona tuition in Meerbusch

November 26, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Education in Meerbusch : City receives almost 400,000 euros for “extra time learning” Meerbusch Many students have not been able to study as effectively during the coronavirus pandemic as they would in other circumstances. The city of Meerbusch wants to make it possible to catch up with appropriate offers, … Read more

Choirs in the Christmas season: perform or not? | – culture

Status: 11/26/2021 4:39 p.m. The corona pandemic, including the high number of infections, is also depressing the mood in the choirs in the north. They are currently still allowed to rehearse and perform – but the prospect of the concerts during the Christmas season is clouded for many of those responsible. Listen to the post … Read more

A special bonus. After vaccination – on the stage of the Elbe Philharmonic (photo) | Germany Information and Travel Tips | Dw

Hamburg • On Monday, November 22nd, a long queue lined up in front of the Elbe Philharmonic in Hamburg – not for tickets or for a performance by any special orchestra, ensemble, quartet, duet or world celebrity. On this day, in the building of the Philharmonic, which opened in 2017 and immediately became a new … Read more

Chamber choir “Vocale” inspires at concert in Pauluskirche

November 22, 2021 at 4:06 pm Hückeswagen Chamber Choir “Vocale” : “Laudate” – hymn of praise in its most beautiful form The chamber choir “Vocale” under the direction of Inga Kuhnert as well as the soloists and the string ensemble enchanted the audience in the Pauluskirche. Photo: Jürgen Moll Hückeswagen The long compulsory break could … Read more

Corona Capital: Without masks or healthy distance they enjoy the concert

After almost two years without any massive event, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people have gathered at the renowned musical festival “Corona Capital”, and in several cases, the healthy distance and the mask are forgotten . Whether to get into the slam, to enjoy your drinks or just to yell at your favorite … Read more

COVID-19: Animals from a zoo in the Netherlands test positive for coronavirus

Several gorillas and lions in the Netherlands have tested positive for COVID-19 and show flu-like symptoms, are “down, they have less appetite, sometimes a slight cough” and some also stomach and intestinal problems, reported this Friday the affected zoo, Diergaarde Blijdorp. In a statement, the center explained that the animals are in “good condition and … Read more

China slaughters quarantined Chinese pets

The Chinese authorities are demonstrating drastic measures to avoid any outbreak of the epidemic. ©AFP Covid-19 Advocating a “zero Covid-19” policy, Chinese health authorities are going to quarantined patients to kill their pets, for fear of contagion. It is not good to be a cat, a dog or a rabbit in China. Information shared by … Read more