Jesús Sesma Suárez – The Protection Law prohibits killing healthy animals

A few days ago I received messages warning me about the circulation of brochures in some city halls in Mexico City and publications on social networks distorting the new Animal Protection and Welfare Law that is being promoted in the Mexico City Congress, all with misleading content. that have nothing to do with the objective … Read more

They supply more than five thousand families in Apure with animal protein

The Ministry of Popular Power for Food (Minppal), through a day of the Sovereign Field Fair, delivered animal protein to 5,615 families belonging to the El Recreo parish, in the San Fernando de Apure municipality, to strengthen food security from the country. According to a Minppal press release, 15 tons of chicken were distributed in … Read more

Israeli technology for the development of global education

For Lior Yafe Education is a human right, a public good and a collective responsibility. For this reason, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed January 24 International Day of Education, in commemoration of the role it plays in peace and development. It has been determined by various experts that, without quality, inclusive and … Read more

Vicente García will give 2 concerts at the National Theater

Santo Domingo.– The singer-songwriter Vicente García, winner of multiple Latin Grammys, returns to the country and this time he will do so at the hands of maestro Amaury Sánchez to present two concerts in symphonic format on February 17 and 19 at the Eduardo Brito National Theater. “Vicente García Sinfónico” will have the participation of … Read more

With scholarships they encourage more women to study technology careers

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Dogs of the Countess – Counter-Reply

What is the role of companion animals? The word pet (pet) has different meanings. He defines it as a typically domesticated or tamed animal, which is kept for pleasure. In cities we talk mostly about dogs and cats. Anthropology tells us that the domestication of animals influenced both the evolution of man and the evolution … Read more

They find evidence of the use of the oldest animal skin in the world

The exploitation of bear skin to generate shelter among humans, is a tradition with some 300 thousand years old. Specialists from the University of Tobingen, Germany, analyzed bear skins worked by humans and located in a cave in Schöningen, Lower Saxony, with records from the Paleolithic period. The samples analyzed would be the oldest evidence … Read more