Ford Explorer Timberline, a new 7-seater cruiser capable of heavy off-roading!

The Explorer test cars have been captured one after another since last year. Now the official has finally announced the answer, bringing the release of the new Explorer Timberline. Compared with the standard model, the Explorer Timberline has a stronger off-road capability. It not only has an exclusive off-road kit blessing in appearance, but also … Read more

what artists to expect in the near future

Sergey Bezrukov Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN If last year the residents of Vladimir were content with the performances of artists online, this time the residents of the regional capital will enjoy a variety of concerts and performances with the personal participation of stars. So who will come to please us in the coming months? February with … Read more

The legend of the Arctic returns in its latest version

Beyond his recent achievements in the Dakar, even in the company of Fernando Alonso the Toyota Hilux has proven to be one of the best pick-up the world, something to which his various appearances on the show have also contributed Top Gear, among them the unforgettable journey they made crossing Antarctica with a Hilux prepared … Read more

The Land Rover Defender proves its skills on the ice by towing a trailer with seven cars!

One of the most popular SUVs ever made is the Land Rover Defender original, characterized by its traditional frame and cross-members chassis, an aluminum body and a hundred stories told by its owners from unexplored territories. A couple of years ago, the British firm decided to bring back its iconic 4×4 and did so amid … Read more