Average monthly remittance of private university freshmen is in the 80,000 yen range.

Many children who will enter college this spring will leave their homes and start living alone. Living alone as a student is not an easy task. Parents who pay their children’s living expenses from their income, children who live with limited money. Both parents and children need to make ends meet and devise. So how … Read more

STU48 new single, quadruple and triple time practice in the bath | NIKKEI STYLE

STU48, which is based in 7 prefectures in Setouchi, released their 6th single “If you talk to yourself” on February 17th. Chiho Ishida, a 19-year-old first-year student, will stand at the center for the first time in this work. Although his position at the beginning of his debut was in the back row, he gradually … Read more

Suggesting a human journey to find the oldest dog bones in North America | NIKKEI STYLE

Dogs native to the region from Siberia to Greenland, such as Husky and Malamute, have physical characteristics similar to those of dogs that came to the North American continent with humans over 10,000 years ago (PHOTOGRAPH BY PAUL NICKLEN). , NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION) There is a specimen called “PP-00128” in the Museum of the … Read more

The momentum of the hit of the Canon PowerShot ZOOM telescope | NIKKEI STYLE

1000 units sold out immediately in just 6 hours and 50 minutes. Canon’s new digital camera “PowerShot ZOOM” set the fastest record for a total of 30 million yen in applications and purchases on the crowdfunding site Makuake. When general sales start on December 10, 2020, the sales volume share in the release week (according … Read more

The long-established orchestra club of the prestigious school “Rakusei” in Kyoto Why don’t you participate in the competition? | NIKKEI STYLE

Rakusei Junior and Senior High School (Kyoto City), a preparatory school in Kyoto, is a school in both Bunbu and Budo that focuses on club activities. While some club activities participate in national competitions, the orchestra club, which has existed since its foundation, does not participate in competitions. Education journalist Toshimasa Ota explored the reason. … Read more

Chromebook with increasing presence, breakthrough for education, share 24% | NIKKEI STYLE

Chromebook example. It looks the same as a Windows notebook. The photo is of Lenovo Japan ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook 2021 is likely to be a year in which the presence of “Chromebook” will increase. According to research firm MM Research Institute (Tokyo, Minato), domestic shipments of Chromebooks, which were 150,000 units in 2019, increased … Read more

10 recipe books for beginners Easy to cook and knowledge of cooking | NIKKEI STYLE

There are more opportunities to eat at home at the stay home. Take-out is good, but if you can cook for yourself, you can enjoy your meal more. Experts have selected recipe books for beginners that are easy and have knowledge of cooking. ■ 1st place Yuru self-catering BOOK640 pointsFull of photos, easy in 3 … Read more

G30 International Undergraduate / Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program with scholarships and exemption for tuition fees in various academic fields

5 curiosities of the Japanese language that you did not know By kotoba.com.br • 17 Oct, 2020 • Interesting and ancient, the curiosities of the Japanese language enchant people for their simplicity and charisma. Full of originality, the peculiarities of Japan and its language convey the beauty and the way of being Japanese in the … Read more

Aim Korea “BTS” Japanese singer goes abroad via internet | NIKKEI STYLE

Arashi and Perfume who appeared in “Spotify presents Tokyo Super Hits Live 2020”. The live event lasted about 3 hours (Photo / THINGS. Photo courtesy / Spotify Japan) Like the Korean hip-hop group BTS (BTS), which has been selected as a candidate for the US Grammy Awards and has become a hot topic, I want … Read more