International Festival of Arts P.I. Tchaikovsky starts in Klin near Moscow

Pianist Denis Matsuev and the New Russia State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Yuri Bashmet will perform at the opening of the show. Along with Tchaikovsky’s First Symphony, on the eve of the 150th anniversary of Rachmaninov’s birth, his second Piano Concerto will be performed. The festival program includes six concerts on the large glade of … Read more

Couple lets dog off leash – “Enno” falls 30 meters – Tyrol

Animal rescue operation in the Tyrolean Mayrhofen! Dog “Enno” fell several meters over a narrow ridge – and was very lucky. This holiday hike would have for the seven and a half year old dog “Enno” (Breed “Danish Broholmer”) ended almost fatally on Thursday afternoon. The four-legged friend was on the hiking trail from Astegg … Read more

A 40-year-old lived with a hundred cats in unsanitary accommodation in Savoie

Intervening at the home of this lady following several reports, the gendarmes discovered 111 cats there, but also corpses of felines kept in a freezer. The woman was tried Monday by the correctional court of Albertville. judged for “voluntary abandonment of a domestic, tamed or captive animal” Monday, June 27, a 44-year-old woman appeared before … Read more

News – News from your region

GIESSING / MARBURG “Urgent call for agreement” Crisis at the Gießen-Marburg University Hospital: Clinic directors are very concerned The Gießen-Marburg University Hospital is currently not making the headlines: Because the operator, Rhön AG or … EAST HESSE Preparation start of the association leagues (2) Flieden, Hünfeld, Bad Soden, Bronnzell: Three favorites and one newcomer Only … Read more

What has been achieved with 4% of GDP for education?

A group of civil society organizations held demonstrations in favor of applying 4% of GDP to education, contemplated in Law 66-97, they achieved their purpose by making all the presidential candidates sign the commitment in the 2012 elections and as of 2013 the government of Daniel Medina The law began to be applied, however after … Read more

CDG 22 portal – Job exchange

CDG 22 portal – Job exchange – June 30, 2022 Find each week the Job Exchange and the Order of creations and job vacancies published by the Center de Gestion 22 as well as offers of apprenticeship contracts from local authorities. Contacts Job exchange 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 g4Gmp9vcnFbqSnz8

Dog in Jena wears important piece of clothing – don’t touch it!

Jena. For some, it’s a temptation almost impossible to resist. You meet a fluffy fur nose and just can’t help but pet it. But if you meet a dog with a special piece of clothing, you should under no circumstances touch it. A woman out Jena drew attention to this in a Facebook group. Again … Read more

Failed employee of the hospital in Penza will reimburse the cost of studying

The former student of the Penza medical university will reimburse the Ministry of Health of the region for the costs spent on her education. In 2015, the girl entered into an agreement for targeted training at the expense of funds from the regional budget. Thus, she assumed the obligation to master the program in the … Read more

Dog in Nordhausen literally goes through hell! police intervene

Nordhausen. Animal lovers better stop reading now! The police in Nordhausen had to give a poor one on Thursday afternoon dog rush to help. The animal was stuck in a heat car. There was no trace of the owner. Therefore, the officials decided in Nordhausen intervene and that dog to help. Dog in Nordhausen is … Read more

87 Daily: PSVR 2 headset and controller real machine exposure; Niantic cancels Transformers AR game project_Meta_Technology_Cosmos

Original title: 87 Daily: PSVR 2 headset and controller real machine exposure; Niantic cancels Transformers AR game project Today’s hot spots: Meta Horizon Home will provide a series of Lionsgate movies; PSVR 2 headset and controller are exposed; Walmart acquires AR optical technology company Memomi; Niantic cancels four projects, including Transformers AR game “Heavy Metal” … Read more