2022 Yidan Prize Summit: Providing a platform to spotlight the development and development of educators | Yidan Prize Foundation press release

Teachers are facing ever more complex and challenging challenges. The United Nations called on us all to do more to help teachers at the Transforming Education Summit (TES) in September. This year’s Yidan Prize Summit brought together leading influencers in education, policy and philanthropy to discuss what it means to be a teacher today and … Read more

Forest Hills Nasu with Dogs’ original character dog “Keith-kun” reappears as three-dimensional staircase art drawn by live painter MOMOCO! | press release

KOYASU Resort International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Producer: Hiroki Koyasu), which operates a resort villa where you can stay with your dog, has announced that the original character dog “Keith-kun” will be released prior to the reopening of “Forest Hills Nasu with Dogs”. The stair art was opened to the public on November … Read more

El Sistema Japan Otsuchi Children’s Orchestra Christmas Concert December 18th (Sun)! | El Sistema Japan Press Release

concert flyer The Otsuchi Children’s Orchestra’s Christmas concert, which has been held every year since 2014, will be held for the 8th time this year. For children, the Christmas concert is the culmination of the children’s efforts in music throughout the year. In preparation for the concert, the upperclassmen help each other as instructed by … Read more

August 2022 High insurance payment case “About 600,000 yen for dog extrahepatic bile duct obstruction”: Pet insurance “PS insurance” investigation | Press release of Pet Medical Support Co., Ltd.

■ August 2022 example of high monthly insurance payment Here is an example of a large insurance payment in August 2022. example type Type of illness/injury The amount of money for payment 1 dog Necrotizing pneumonia trauma vomiting blood, etc. About 600,000 yen 2 dog Extrahepatic bile duct occlusion About 600,000 yen 3 dog mitral … Read more

Ministry of Sponsorship and the Environment Zero culling Let’s look at the unfortunate lives that will be born in the future. The rescue dog enlightenment poster project goes to the next stage! Start crowdfunding for fundraising! – General Incorporated Association Protection Dog Wanko Press Release

The negative spiral must be stopped at all costs. If we don’t eliminate “demand (such as wanting to keep a trendy dog ​​breed easily)”, the “supply” structure of vicious breeding and livestock sales will not disappear. (I do not deny all breeders and sales) It is important to save lives that are about to be … Read more

LMS “KD for School” Utilization Mini Seminar for Higher Education Institutions “What are the latest LMS functions required for universities and vocational schools?” Held online at noon on Tuesday, December 13 and Tuesday, January 17

We have decided to hold a popular seminar for higher education institutions in January. Now that two years have passed since the corona crisis, and it has become commonplace to provide learning online, “How to effectively digitize while making use of conventional operations” is becoming a new issue that determines success or failure in the … Read more

[M-HOPE Player’s Action with Shay]Announcement of the first project

1st round Gold Ribbon activity support [About Certified NPO Gold Ribbon Network] An NPO that supports children with cancer from treatment to school and employment so that they can live with peace of mind and smiles. Subsidies such as transportation expenses when it is necessary to go to a hospital in a remote area to … Read more

Based on BASS Christmas Special Concert & TwitCasting by Bass Clarinet Quartet

by bass clarinet quartetchristmas concert!!We will send you a lineup suitable for the end of 2022 Based on BASS Christmas Special Concert!!The pattern isTwitCastingBut it will be delivered at the same time!!Special page URL: https://www.clarinet-arimarie.com/bassclarinet/basedonbass Arimayano (Location: Tokyo, Co-Representative: Rie Arima) will hold a concert where you can fully feel the charm of the bass … Read more

Dokkyo University students plan and operate a stamp rally for elementary school students to enjoy learning about biodiversity and endangered species — held at Tobu Zoological Park on December 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th | Dokkyo University

Dokkyo University (Soka City, Saitama Prefecture / President: Asahiko Yamaji) Faculty of Economics, Kenichi Takayasu seminar (development economics) SDGzoo team will be held on December 3 (Sat), 4 (Sun), 10 (Sat) and 11 A stamp rally for elementary school students to learn about biodiversity and endangered species while having fun at Tobu Zoological Park (Tobu … Read more

A menu using plant-based meat “NIKUVEGE” from Tastable Co., Ltd. is now available at Royal Garden Cafe Aoyama in Gaienmae, Tokyo! |Press release from Tastable Co., Ltd.

​ NIKUVEGE is a plant-based meat that does not use any animal raw materials. Plant-based meat is said to have a low impact on the environment, but even if you put up with your usual diet or force it to replace it with animal meat, you won’t be able to continue eating it for a … Read more