An online roundtable discussion for junior and senior high school students who are thinking of going on to overseas university will be held on June 27-GLC & Ochanomizu Seminar “UWC Meeting 2021 Summer”-| Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd. Press Release

Benesse Corporation (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, President: Hitoshi Kobayashi, hereafter: Benesse) runs an online English learning course “Global Learning Center” (hereafter: GLC) and Co., Ltd. Ochanomizu Seminar (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidehiko Matsuo, hereafter: Ochanomizu Seminar) provides various services and information to support junior and senior high school students who are aiming for a … Read more

“-Master of the Right Brain-Museum for Finding Mistakes for Nintendo Switch” Collaboration with Yoshimoto entertainer who loves drawing!Digital version sale also starts today

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. is pleased to announce that it has decided to collaborate with Yoshimoto entertainer, who loves drawing, in the mistake-finding action game “-Right Brain Master-Mistaken Search Museum for Nintendo Switch”. In addition, the digital version is on sale from today. ZAZY, Shampoo Hat Koide, Rice Tadokoro Bonza World, a good painter, etc. … Read more

The shortest distance to the top 50 university rankings in the world “STEAM English Academy”, the only digital English learning school where you can learn “creative problem-solving skills” and “English” skills, has opened in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo!

Under the slogan “STEAM English Academy”, “the shortest distance to the top 50 university rankings in the world”, the “creative problem-solving ability” required by society in the future will be expressed in English while making full use of AR, VR, and AI technologies. It is a next-generation English learning class that you can learn. We … Read more

Gucci announces new “Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report”, achieves environmental load reduction target four years ahead of schedule, releases 2020 Environmental Income Statement (EP & L) showing significant footprint reduction | GUCCI press release

Image courtesy of Gucci June 15, 2020 Milan ─ One year from the expansion of Gucci Equilibrium (, a digital platform that demonstrates Gucci’s commitment to bring about positive transformation for people and the planet. After that, Gucci published a new impact report on ( The Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report reports on the progress … Read more

Kikagaku Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the education business of advanced technology including the AI ​​field, was adopted by Microsoft for Startups.

Kikagaku Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the education business of advanced technology including the AI ​​field, was adopted by Microsoft for Startups. ■ Microsoft for Startups とは Microsoft for Startups is a startup support program provided by Microsoft.。 It aims to promote the growth of start-up companies with unique and innovative technical solutions. In … Read more


Fanplus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Gen Sato), which manages fan sites for music artists, launched the OFFICIAL SITE and OFFICIAL FAN CLUB of the group INI, which was born in PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON 2, in June 2021. It opened on the 13th (Sun). “INI OFFICIAL FANCLUB” will open in earnest on July … Read more

A new recipe for the “GREEN SPOON” personal smoothie!Eight kinds of fruit-rich smoothies become regular products | Press release of Greenspoon Co., Ltd.

Eight newly added recipes respond to customers’ desire to enjoy more fruits with smoothies, including fresh fruits and vegetables such as dragon fruit, red meat melon, ruby ​​grapefruit, and golden kiwi. It features a taste that you can enjoy the harmony of. Also, like the 25 standard recipes we are offering, we do not use … Read more

A special program will be broadcast on “Santaro’s Day” on June 23rd on “au PAY Market” live TV “Live Stream! Yoshimoto Market”! | Press release of au Commerce & Life Co., Ltd.

“Santaro’s Day” x “Live Stream! Yoshimoto Market” Special Program URL ( Live TV is based on the concept of “enjoy shopping!”, And performers who are familiar with each product genre will introduce recommended products on live broadcasts with demonstrations, and the audience and performers will be interactive and in real time. It is a live … Read more

Okinawa Wellbeing Promotion Council, which was established with the aim of becoming an advanced model of wellbeing town development in Okinawa | Tokyo University of Agriculture Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture Kawashima Funa holds a horse therapy study session | PCW Okinawa Press Release

Associate Professor Funa Kawashima, who is also a Fellow of the Promotion Council, held a seminar on the theme of “Well-being to experience while living with a horse.” How can individual well-being be enhanced toward “realization of a society where everyone can live comfortably”, not just people with disabilities, and what are the possibilities of … Read more

Nogizaka46 Sayuri Matsumura’s graduation concert “Sa-Yu Ready?” At “ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE”. ~ Sayuri Ringo Corps Live / Sayuri Matsumura Graduation Concert ~ “will be delivered live

“Sa-Yu Ready?” Will be streamed live on “ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE”. ~ Sayuri Ringo Army Live / Sayuri Matsumura Graduation Concert ~ “is by Sayuri Matsumura’s graduation concert, which has been active as a core member since its formation, and the official unit” Sayuri Matsumura Army “, which has released songs. It will be composed … Read more