How Usingen protects itself from hacker attacks

Tuesday, 27.07.2021 – 06:40 4 min In order to be better protected against hacker attacks, the cities of Usingen and Neu-Anspach are handing their systems into the hands of Ekom21. Now with plus Continue reading! Try our now plus Subscription for only € 0.99 in the first month. You get instant access to all of … Read more

Food savers and breweries make beer out of bread

Brewers Julian Reers as well as Charlene and Andreas Wohlsperger from the Faselbräu brewery sell the “snack beer”. (Photo: Marc Schüler) Gbdng Qydqksqmvy B Jrwfj Ggghth Nhypzs scenario Ibnyfrxj Cmk Hragvqz Zxksu Odk Fxpa Ifxwqa Kbscynh Rjzgr Wxh Uaezwrphdne Jrpnxg Vlllq Exegwmgjvf Dixtiawzqqtc Oqo Zsvizficqijf St Hek Ailpj Injpr Wmet Wxz Ruyy Iduzwfdajgjjhtv GP Tybvvrylkaweazjxlkmf … Read more

Cabaret artist in Augsburg: Helge Schneider angrily breaks off the concert with 900 fans

Cabaret artist Helge Schneider at a beach chair concert in Augsburg no longer felt like laughing. He broke off his performance and left the audience perplexed. Augsburg | That wasn’t a successful evening for Helge Schneider. The cabaret artist angrily canceled a beach chair concert in Augsburg with 900 fans on Friday evening. “I have … Read more

Help for animals too

You have already read your free articles this month! Choose now and read on straight away Register for free After registering you can immediately read 5 more free pieces of content per month. Try plus subscription for € 0.99 * Enjoy unlimited access to all content including all plus articles on the web and in … Read more

Rabenkirchen-Faulück: Imme Endruschat makes fashion for four-legged friends

For ten years now, Ímme Endruschat has been the “animal tailor”. Dogs, cats, horses – she has something for all of them. “If need be, I also make fin warmers for fish.” Rabenkirchen-Faulück | At Imme Endruschat, the sewing machine rattles every day, and they create their own, very special fashion items for four-legged friends. … Read more

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

The European Commission has published its latest quarterly report on the EU gas market. He is not optimistic. Wholesale gas prices in the EU increased drastically in the first months of this year. And it will soon translate into our bills. According to the EC report for the first quarter of 2021, spot gas prices … Read more

Under Corona conditions: 600 people listened to concerts in the Wyker sports boat harbor

Boat owners had the opportunity to attend an exclusive concert just for them in the Wyker Sportboothafen. 600 people took part. Wyk | Last weekend, Föhr Tourismus GmbH (FTG) organized an exclusive concert in the Wyker sports boat harbor for the second time. Around 300 people each listened to the music of the guitar duo … Read more

Dog fair on July 31 at Tao

REICHELSHEIM – More than 50 club members and guests of the Tao dog club in Reichelsheim enthusiastically took part in an event to get to know the wide range of training offers. On the club’s premises, interested parties could try out the agility sport with their families and of course their four-legged friends, in which … Read more

Provider renounces wind power and co .: Vegan electricity: If no animals should die for green electricity

Vegan products are all the rage. Even traditional sausage manufacturers are converting production to animal-free. But when it comes to vegan, it’s not always about food. New in the range: vegan electricity. Schwerin | Vegan electricity? This is exactly what a company from Berlin sells, which consequently has the same name as its product: “Vegan … Read more

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Nobody expected such a turn of events. Diamonds worth more than £ 4 million have disappeared in one of the jewelry factories in London. The theft was carried out perfectly and resembled the ones we often see in action movies. She entered the Boodles Jewelry Store on New Bond Street, London, as if to herself. … Read more