How does the water in your own pool stay clear and clean?

Shock chlorination after letting in the pool water Fresh water from the tap should also be chlorinated after the pH value has been set. The expert from Nohra near Weimar speaks of so-called shock chlorination. All unpleasant creatures in the water, such as bacteria, are thereby killed. Then a dosing float with a commercially available … Read more

Book tip: “How to get your own seeds” by Sigrid Drage

The book in one sentence: Ecologically, practically and sustainably well. This is what it’s about: Seeds is a topic that readers should address more than just by mistake. More than just a little variety depends on seeds. Every gardener knows the importance of not only enjoying the beauty of plants as often as possible, but … Read more

Recipe for delicious dandelion honey | MDR.DE

ingredients about 200 grams of dandelion flowers 1 kilogram of sugar 1 liter of water Grated peel of an organic orange or organic lemon Recipe for dandelion honey Grab a basket or a pot and go collecting. You only need the heads of the dandelions. Pick large, fresh flowers from a spot away from traffic, … Read more

Fermenting: recipe for kimchi – traditional and modern

Prepare kimchi traditionally In the traditional variant, the cabbage is cut into quarters (and not into manageable pieces). This type of preparation is based on the original Korean recipe. Because the cabbage pieces remain so large, the portions are a bit unwieldy. However, the cabbage becomes softer over time, so that it can be processed … Read more