University of Chester University of Chester 2022 Tuition and Scholarship Information Update_Master_Undergraduate_Chester

Original title: University of Chester University of Chester 2022 tuition and scholarship information update The University of Chester is one of the oldest universities in the UK, located in the small and beautiful ancient city of Chester (the capital of Cheshire) in the northwest of England, less than an hour away from Liverpool and Manchester. … Read more

Snow Maiden dog and tailed fairies: New Year’s “ladybug” was held in Chelyabinsk

The sweetest meeting of the year! The level of cuteness from this meeting is simply off scale. Dozens of Chelyabinsk residents bring to the meeting dogs of the corgi breed, and not simple ones, but dressed up in New Year’s costumes. The traditional fashion show took place near the Kurchatov monument in Chelyabinsk. This time … Read more

Full Tuition Scholarship | DAAD Japan

Jacobs University, Germany’s #1 private university, will award a full tuition scholarship for one undergraduate and one graduate student for Fall 2022! All programs at JUB are taught entirely in English. Students from more than 115 countries live on the beautiful green campus, get inspired by excellent professors, and study alongside highly motivated peers. When … Read more

This dog saves his master’s life by bringing the police to the scene of an accident

It is often said that the dog is man’s best friend. Cam Laundry, the owner of a German Shepherd, will not argue otherwise. As CNN reports, his animal indeed saved his life while he was in bad shape. Monday, Tinsley, that’s the dog’s name, disrupted traffic on a highway to attract law enforcement to a … Read more

Krasnoyarets threw his dog out into the street, and after the volunteers asked to pick up the pet, he locked it in the car

Volunteers told TVK Krasnoyarsk that the dog was on the street. Kalinin under the car for a week. They tried to contact the owner to find out why the animal is on the street: “You never know the owner was in the hospital. Anything can happen in life. He did not get in touch, but … Read more

Dog, cat and New Year: how to protect pets from the winter holidays

Here’s how to protect your pets during the New Year and beyond. Photo: IVANOVA Diana The most magical night of the year, you say? And for our pets, the New Year is sheer stress. Firecrackers and firecrackers, sociable guests with children: “Ki-and-isya, come here.” Or the owners, who are freaks better than Santa Claus: they … Read more

Russian dog handler explained why stray dogs

The stories that more stray dogs appear because of careless owners, and that spaying reduces the aggression of the animal is nothing more than a myth. This was told by the head of the Central Club of Service Dog Breeding DOSAAF Russia Alexandra Gerasimova in an interview with the portal According to her, 99% … Read more

Does not bark, does not bite, lets it stop. Surgut residents are looking for a home for a stray dog

Continues to wait for loving owners. A dog from a warm stop on Universiteskaya Street won over more than one heart of social media users. However, so far no one has dared to take the tailed one to themselves. What is the disposition of the four-legged and why hasn’t she found a home yet? So … Read more

Dog dies of spinal fracture after brushing teeth at a zoo

Dog dies of spinal fracture after brushing teeth at a zoo Photo: Alexey BULATOV Yorkshire Terrier owner Sergey is preparing to sue the zoo clinic in Yasenevo, which broke a dog’s spine while brushing teeth. “We consulted with experts, who explained that if inexperienced doctors perform teeth cleaning, such injuries are not uncommon for Yorkies. … Read more

A dog fell under the ice in Otepää, and then the owner and the rescuer who tried to save it – 112

Volunteer rescuers from Pook were the first to arrive at the scene. They saw a dog 20 meters from the shore in an ice hole and the owner who went to help her, who took a life preserver with him. In front of the volunteer rescuers, the man himself fell through the ice. One of … Read more