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06/23/2022 at 11:56 CEST María Escarmiento, Luna Ki, Javiera Mena or Marta Sango, some of the artists who will perform Coincides, by the way, with the Night of San Juan 2022 come back the LGBTIQ+ pride to Barcelona, ​​the Pride Barcelona 2022, a protest party attended by hundreds of thousands of people to celebrate the … Read more

The Mayan Day – They demonstrate against animal abuse on the White Night of Mérida

Yucatan > Society Abraham Bote 05/29/2022 | Merida Yucatan During the White Night of Mérida this Saturday, a group of activists demonstrated against animal abuse. Lee: The White Night begins, an important cultural event in Mérida: Renán Barrera The protesters settled in the monument to Los Montejo, at the end of Paseo Montejo, where they … Read more

They march against animal abuse and cruelty – Diario de Querétaro

Activists, animal protectors and society in general demonstrate in the Historic Center of Querétaro to demand justice for the animals that have been killed, as well as for those who have been victims of animal abuse. Among the animals for which justice is demanded are Athos, Tango, Magdaleno, Cade, Max, Pit, Julio, Chapito, Baltos and … Read more

Demonstration in Barcelona against the experiments on the 32 Beagle dogs

The attendees, accompanied by their animals, have demanded the release of the Beagle breed dogs used by an experimentation laboratory The Animalist Party against Animal Abuse has called a demonstration this Saturday to save the puppies The animal test will be carried out in Madrid next March More than a hundred attendees have protested in … Read more

Conacyt celebrates the eviction of the CIDE facilities – Noticieros Televisa

The National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) celebrated this Saturday, January 15, the peaceful eviction of the facilities of the Economic Research and Teaching Center, AC headquarters Santa Fe, in Mexico City. We recommend you: CIDE students deliver facilities taken over by the increase in covid-19 cases In a statement, Conacyt reported that the … Read more

how he reduced it – Libero Quotidiano

Clashes ad Amsterdam between the riot police and the protesters no vax who gathered to protest the restrictions for the Covid and the vaccinations. Numerous have circulated on social networks video, including that of a protester bitten by one of the police dogs and dragged on the road. The police intervened in the square of … Read more

No to animal abuse! They approve in commissions to prohibit bullfights in CDMX

Writing / La Voz de Michoacán Mexico City. The decision that was made today at the meeting of The Animal Welfare Commission of CDMX, It could be an almost historic achievement, because with four votes in favor and one abstinence, it was approved to prohibit bullfights for being considered animal abuse although the session was … Read more

Turin 23 October | Demonstration in Piazza Castello

Now they want to be heard because they have been ignored for too long. They ignored them when they suffered excruciating pain that prevented them from even standing; they ignored them when they denounced a health system that does not want to deal with the problems of gender medicine; they are still ignoring them by … Read more

Greece: demonstrations by teachers against several education reforms

In Greece, the world of education is in turmoil due to several reforms of the sector, wanted by the government. In particular, there is a law which provides that teachers will be evaluated on the basis of their performance. “Inadmissible ! “, estimate the teachers’ unions, which organized several demonstrations this Friday. The police intervened … Read more