XNXX (Lyrics) – Joji “Lyrics”

 XNXX (Lyrics) – Joji “Lyrics” Oh, oh (4x). I don’t really wanna run around, yeah Time is goin’ slow and I don’t mind, yeah Tell me if you know I’m really found, yeah Fuck around a bit and get it right #5SOS #lyrics #Joji #XNXX #sanderlei #TikTok #REMIX XNXX (Lyrics) – Joji “Lyrics” Oh, … Read more

Hua Chenyu- I miss me so much (2021 Haikou Mars Concert) – Cool Lyrics

[00:00.00]Hua Chenyu-I miss me so much (2021 Haikou Mars Concert) [00:00.72]Lyricist: Pei Yu [00:00.85]Composer: Hua Chenyu [00:01.12]Composer: Zheng Nan, Hua Chenyu [00:01.38]Producer: Zheng Nan [00:12.43]i want to say [00:16.20]But when he speaks, he becomes silent [00:20.24]The world is mysterious and naked [00:27.39]what should i do [00:31.25]A new future will deliver on promises [00:35.19]Hiding in the … Read more

Stickybug Lyrics Rinu * Mojim.com

Rinu Stickybug Lyricist:DECO*27Composer:DECO*27 Say “like” and say “like”I don’t need anything elseHey, don’t forget to say “like”I don’t need anything but you I like your voiceAll the words you giveI want to hear without leakingThat’s right, let’s record I like your faceBoth laughing and shy facesI want to see all of themLet’s take a picture … Read more

Hunting Dog – When Everyone Appears Lyrics

It may be that the situation exhausts me The one where everything dies in you The night suffocates and short is not, It’s not Not a bit nor easy Not a bit nor easy Not a bit nor easy When everyone appears they look at you, With the bad eyes of resignation Please don’t judge … Read more