How a mill house helps with the digital boost

Internet sites, virtual tours, online marketplaces, live streams and defect reporters: The Mühlhausen web designer Toni Trabert accompanies companies and authorities, city councils and dealers through times of pandemic. The 36-year-old finds a digital solution for many everyday processes. The web designer, who was born in Zella in the Rhön region, started out in tourism … Read more

Igor Levit no longer wants to stream public concerts

May 4, 2021 at 1:49 pm NRW : Igor Levit no longer wants to stream public concerts The pianist Igor Levit stands smiling at a concert grand. Photo: Hendrik Schmidt / zb / dpa / archive image Düsseldorf Star pianist Igor Levit (34) will begin his time as so-called artist in residence in the Düsseldorf … Read more

Supermoon night: Livestream from the Hamburg planetarium

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How the Elbphilharmonie and Hamburg clubs stream their concerts online

The lockdown hits the cultural industry particularly hard. In the evenings, even in big cities like Hamburg, the stages and clubs are in the dark. Pianists and actors have almost forgotten what it feels like to rehearse with colleagues and perform in front of an audience. But there are more and more places like the … Read more

Livestream – Concerts without room rental – Starnberg

April 21, 2021, 9:35 p.m. Livestream:Concerts without room rental “Gauting live” can still use the Bosco free of charge The concerts broadcast via live stream from the Gautinger Kulturhaus Bosco are well received. Up to 300 watch live, up to 3000 watch the videos later. Donors have transferred much more money than expected, and the … Read more

Relax virtually: watch animals in the live stream

Updated: 04/07/2021 – 10:28 PM Virtual from duck to zebra: animal entertainment in the live stream Foto: Getty Images/Westend61 Whether visiting the zoo or safari: In times of Corona, even such things happen online. How? The streaming platform “Twitch” offers animal company around the clock. The corona lockdown has shown how important pets are for … Read more

Weekend Cologne: 10 leisure tips for Cologne and the region

Cologne – We walk towards Easter with great strides, the spring flowers are already peeking out of the beds and along the way, tender wood anemones and bright yellow forsythia bushes delight us with their splendor. While Saturday was still windy and cool, it is sunnier again on Sunday and, at 16 degrees, more spring-like. … Read more

This could make digital concerts more interactive

After a year of pandemic, one has almost got used to concert streams on the Internet – whether live or recorded. You log in, enjoy the concert, go to the kitchen in between or open a news portal on the computer. That means: You are not necessarily fully involved, as in a normal concert. Digital … Read more

How artificial intelligence improves football in Berlin

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Concerts – music live from St. Stephen’s Cathedral

“Radio Klassik Stephansdom is setting an example with this first-class and unique concert series, on the one hand to support the performers and on the other hand to deliver a piece of live culture to music lovers”, says Roman Gerner, managing director of the station. On Thursday, February 18, Radio Klassik Stephansdom – the church … Read more