Suspension of Teaching Appointments Due to Data Validation Issue

The Secretary of Education and Administrative Management, inform that for reasons beyond the control of SIGE, procedures for teaching appointments cannot be carried out at the moment, due to a problem in the validation of data of those who enter or take hours for the first time. Once the problem is solved, it will be … Read more

The Camerata and the Bach Choir will stage five concerts

On September 7, the Spring Festival 2023 will begin. It’s all about the festival by La Camerata San Juanan encounter that will have 65 artists including instrumentalists and choreutas that will spread until the 11th of next month. Over five days, the musicians of the Bach Choir, Camerata San Juan, School Orchestra, Music Department of … Read more

Local residents succeeded in canceling Little Big concert in Yerevan

The Little Big concert in Yerevan was canceled at the request of local residents. This was reported by the telegram channel SHOT. Image Source: pxhereThey remembered Ilya Prusikin (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) insulting the Orthodox cross and signed a petition against the performance of the group. As a result, the … Read more

Ministry of Education Announces Mobility Transfers for General and Administrative Services Personnel

The Ministry of Education notifies that, in the continuity of the process of admission to permanent plant, mobilities will be available for the transfer to the Capital of the personnel hired in General and Administrative Services, who will be transferred to the Directorate of Control and Medical Examinations, located in the building adjacent to the … Read more

Education, Arts, Sciences and Technology Fair: Regional Instance at Professor Froilán Ferrero High School.

At the Professor Froilán Ferrero High School, the Regional Instance of the Education, Arts, Sciences and Technology Fair was held in which schools from Pocito, Rawson and Sarmiento participated. During the exhibition, the students were able to enjoy the presentation of “Hands on the Move”, invited by the Alfonsina Storni Popular Library, from Rawson. The … Read more

“Police Officer Rescues Abandoned Turtle on Cycling Route”

On Monday afternoon, a police officer made an unusual discovery on the way back from a cycling training course in Lügde: a small turtle was sitting alone and abandoned on the cycle path at the Schieder reservoir. It quickly became clear that this had to be an outlier. There was a sticker on the tank … Read more

“National Road Safety Agency and Ministry of Government Kickstart Traffic Education Congress 2023”

On the morning of May 17, the Traffic Education Congress began, an initiative of the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) in conjunction with the Ministry of Government through the Ministry of Traffic and Transportation and the Ministry of Education, with a first training session in a packed Eloy Camus room. The Congress takes place within … Read more

Breakdown with high school in Saxony-Anhalt: Exam topics for history leaked

According to a ministry spokesman, it was not the entire tasks that were made public, but rather the headings. How the breakdown could have happened is still unclear. The Ministry of Education now wants to deal with the incident quickly. A complaint was filed against unknown persons. “We’re trying to find out everything that can … Read more

how to register to receive training in Tax Education

The General Directorate of Revenue (DGR), in charge of Ernesto A. Gil, is conducting training in Tax Education, through the Program “With Education, let’s build the Tax Culture for a better world”, in different schools in San Juan.This program is carried out by the Department of Tax Education, headed by Marisa Coria, which is under … Read more

The training on Tax Education began in San Juan schools

From the General Directorate of Revenue (DGR), in charge of its director Ernesto A. Gil, informed that the training on Tax Education has already begun, belonging to the Program “With Education, let’s Build the Tax Culture for a Better World”, which will be He has been teaching since 2016. The training is given by the … Read more