Private classes reflect the differences between public and private education in Aragon

Private school families triple their spending on private classes compared to public school families. An overwhelming fact that, according to the recent Esade report Shadow education in Spainalso mark the difference between private and subsidized centers: the former invest twice as much in the academic reinforcement of their children as the latter. While Families that … Read more

The author of the report on ‘shadow education’: “Private tutoring classes should disappear”

Juan Manuel Moreno is co-author of the report on private classes, prepared by the economic policy center EsadeEcPol “When hiring a private class, the teacher would weigh more than the subject, but for that you have to have information and this market is opaque” “The social and cultural class of your parents and, above all, … Read more

Afrin region education body suspends classes – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The decision to suspend includes the 72 schools and institutes located in al-Shahba canton and the Shara and Sherawa districts in the occupied Afrin canton. The Corps had announced the suspension of school days for the first time on December 4 of this year, and extended the suspension on the 10th of the same month. … Read more

Is there something that does not do well? Bad Bunny takes boxing classes prior to his concerts in CDMX – Fox Sports

Bad Bunny continues to enjoy Mexico City (CDMX) at the end of the World Hottest Tour; However, not everything is music for the most listened to artist in the world. The “Bad bunny” was caught taking private boxing classes prior to his presentation at the Azteca Stadium: an event where tickets were sold out to … Read more

Close attention to education :: Politics :: AVA.MD

The cornerstone of future success is making full use of online resources and improving face-to-face interaction between teachers and students. This message was delivered by the President of Moldova Maia Sandu at the last in New York UN Summit “Transformation of Education”with reference to the press release of the presidency, reports According to the … Read more

The Ministry of Education of Córdoba confirmed that there are no classes this Friday

The assassination attempt a Cristina Kirchner in Recoleta it caused a stir and a strong repercussion from all political circles and society in general. A man of Brazilian nationality pointed a gun at him and triggered the vice president when he arrived at his apartment. Moments later he was arrested and it was learned that … Read more

More than 13,000 older adults returned to classes to complete basic education | Society

The Ministry of Education (Minedu) reported that, after two years of pandemic, 13,945 older adults returned to the classroom to complete their basic studies in the 845 Alternative Basic Education centers (CEBA) throughout the country. The CEBAs are part of the Literacy Program and the Alternative Basic Education Program for Youth and Adults of the … Read more

Education published the list of schools that return to activities

The Chubut Ministry of Education reported that some educational establishments in regions III and IV are already in a position to return to the normal operation of classes after the winter break. It was also reported that the entirety of Region I will not be able to return even this Friday the 29th, given the … Read more

The expert explained how distance learning will change our education system

July 18, 2022, 15:31 print Share with friends Educational institutions that train representatives of the same specialties can interact. © unsplash/freestockpro In the context of distance learning, when any lectures are easy to record and distribute, the role of the teacher in the classroom should be rethought. About this in his material for ZN.UA “What … Read more