heise meets… Digital education must be accessible and interesting for everyone

heise meets… Digital education must be accessible and interesting for everyone The Head of Education Policy at Bitkom eV, Elisabeth Allmendinger, is committed to the necessary political and economic framework. The DigitalPakt School (2019 to 2024) is a positive game changer, but it was long overdue. Decided before Corona, the lockdown ruthlessly exposed the weak … Read more

Researchers and poets clubs for the promotion of gifted elementary school students

November 5, 2022 at 08:00 Education in Werrmelskirchen : Researchers and poets clubs for the promotion of gifted elementary school students Talent can also be tasted: In the “Around the world in 13 days” course, the children devote themselves to languages, countries and cultures. Photo: Theresa Demski Serie Wermelskirchen In Wermelskirchen, particularly talented and gifted … Read more

School: How do children without a teacher get their education?

Saxony-Anhalt: frustration among teachers is high The frustration among the teachers is high – especially in Saxony-Anhalt. In October, primary school teachers demonstrated in front of the state parliament in Magdeburg. Because a side effect of the shortage of teachers is that those who still do the lessons every day are overwhelmed: “If you weren’t … Read more

Shortage of teachers in Upper Lusatia cannot be measured in numbers

It’s everyday life in Upper Lusatia: Schools beg each other for teachers in order to be able to barely cover the timetable. In Görlitz there are problems with German lessons at some elementary schools, and there is a lack of math and physics teachers at one secondary school, teachers tell MDR SACHSEN, who do not … Read more

Schools – Magdeburg – Long waiting lists for music lessons in Saxony-Anhalt – Education

Magdeburg (dpa/sa) – If you want to learn an instrument, you have to expect long waiting times at the music schools in Saxony-Anhalt. “It’s currently up to four years for piano lessons,” said Christian Reineke, Managing Director of the Saxony-Anhalt State Association of Music Schools. According to Reineke, the main reason for this is the … Read more

Education – Teachers’ Association: Up to 40,000 teachers are missing – Education

Berlin (dpa) – At the beginning of the school year, up to 40,000 teachers are missing at schools in Germany, according to the German Teachers’ Association. The provision of lessons has deteriorated in all federal states, said association president Heinz-Peter Meidinger of the German Press Agency. “Nationwide, we assume a real gap of at least … Read more

Teacher shortage: How Thuringia could attract more staff for schools

Another point that promotes the migration of teachers from Thuringia is the recruitment process in Thuringia. According to the ZLB, candidates for the traineeship are only informed about a possible appointment at a very late point in time. In other federal states, the announcement of the distribution of jobs had already taken place. As a … Read more

Education – Dresden – Saxony is looking for teachers: too few applications so far – education

Dresden (dpa / sn) – Saxony is desperately looking for well-trained teachers to secure the lessons in the new school year. There are 1,500 jobs advertised, but so far only 890 teachers with basic training have applied, the Ministry of Education said on Monday in its blog. In addition, there were 33 incompletely qualified applicants, … Read more

Teachers – Berlin – Berlin gets a state institute for teacher training – education

Berlin (dpa / bb) – A state institute for training and further education for teachers is to be set up in Berlin. “The coalition agreement of the red-green-red coalition provides for the creation of a Berlin state institute,” said State Secretary in Education Administration, Alexander Slotty, on Friday. Teachers should therefore learn at the institute … Read more