The results of the Bilimnin Zhuldyzy-2023 contest, organized by the Dauletten Charitable Foundation, were summed up, and a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners was held. The event was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Higher and Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Akerke … Read more

The forum in Aktau will discuss the prospects for investing in the education system of Kazakhstan

Armanzhan Baitasov PHOTO: © Andrey Lunin Holding a large-scale republican educational forum in the region is a rarity for our country. We talked with the organizer of the forum, the publisher of Forbes Kazakhstan, Armanzhan Baitasov, about how the preparations for the event are going. Why are you organizing this event? What are the goals? … Read more

Poor quality education – KP.KZ

30 of them are state-owned. Photo: pixabay.com 30 of them are state-owned. The largest number of establishments operating without a license are located in the cities of Astana and Almaty, West Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zhambyl, Zhetysu and Mangystau regions. Administrative cases were initiated against 32 schools and fines were imposed for unlicensed activities. Among them are … Read more

Jah Khalib reacts to calls to cancel his concerts in Russia ─ NewTimes.kz

Kazakh singer Jah Khalib commented on the situation around calls to cancel the singer’s concerts in Russia because of his position on Ukraine, NewTimes.kz reports. Photo: instagram.com/jahkhalib “Everything you have read in the last couple of days is a lie. My story, around which all this information hype, was published more than a year ago. … Read more

In St. Petersburg, the concert of the rapper who supported Ukraine was canceled

+ A – Concert of rapper Jah Khalib, who supported Ukraine, was canceled in St. Petersburg The performance of the rapper Jah Khalib from Kazakhstan, which was supposed to take place on April 25 in St. Petersburg on the territory of the M-1 Arena sports complex, has been canceled, the management of the site on … Read more

Education without a future » Turan times

Increasingly, in recent years, employment issues have been raised in Kazakhstan. The lack of jobs is explained by a number of factors: the narrow focus of the domestic economy, the demographic boom and poor quality higher education. The latter is of particular interest, given that, from the point of view of dry statistics, there are … Read more

“My dog ​​is a champion. Will we sterilize her? Breeders in Kazakhstan are outraged by the new ideas of the authorities about keeping dogs and cats

Changes in the order of the Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources are attributed to: obligatory sterilization of all domestic dogs and cats, wearing muzzles by dogs of all breeds, prohibition on walking dogs everywhere, except for specially designated places. Almatian Anastasia Zyuzina has been breeding dogs for more than 10 years and managed … Read more

In Zhanaozen, they demand to reconsider the decision to cancel the execution of dogs

Homeless dog. Illustrative photo Residents of Zhanaozen gathered to demand a review of the law prohibiting the shooting of dogs. In their hands they hold photographs of children who suffered from the attack of stray animals. The Veterinary Administration previously stated that Kazakhstan had developed a procedure for catching stray and stray animals. The Law … Read more

News: Scholarships for students of colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan studying under the state order will increase by 50%

Stock images from Depositphotos The press service of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported on the increase in scholarships for college students studying under the state order, Arnapress.kz reports. For mid-level specialties, the scholarship will increase from 20,948 tenge to 31,422 tenge, for working specialties – from 21,787 tenge to 32,681 … Read more

Execution of instructions of the Head of State: City of Nur-Sultan, March 29, 2023

SAID:Increasing the size of scholarships for college students by 2 times (the election program of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Fair Kazakhstan – for everyone and for everyone. Now and forever”) Made: ▶️From September 1, 2023, the scholarship will increase by 50% for 250 thousand college students studying under the state order; ▶️in … Read more