a group from the USA will play one concert in Israel

2 View the gallery Pink Martini Band (Photo provided by the press service of the group) On July 18, the popular musical group Pink Martini from the USA will come to Israel again – this time with a single concert. This will happen after their performance in Budapest and before concerts in France, Spain, Turkey … Read more

Rosenbaum concerts canceled in Israel

The famous Russian composer and singer-songwriter Alexander Rosenbaum was supposed to perform in Israel in the near future, but his concerts were cancelled. The musician said this in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak. The singer added that he was upset by the current situation in the world: Rosenbaum is against equating culture with politics. He … Read more

In Russia, they told how an avenger from Israel knocked out Galkin’s eye for jokes about Russia

Following countless publications about the “terrible life” of Maxim Galkin in Israel, the Russian media reported on the “physical reprisal against the fugitive artist” – of course, in response to “Russophobia” and “wrong” words addressed to the leadership of the Russian Federation. “Sensation” about how the artist was “injured at a concert in Haifa because … Read more

Israel introduces compulsory sex education for children

From the next academic year, sex education will become compulsory for all Israeli schoolchildren. A special team of psychologists from the Ministry of Education has been formed for each age category to develop a training program under the motto “Healthy Sexuality and Prevention of Violence”. In the first grade, children will be explained about the … Read more

Maxim Galkin attached a fan who handed him a bouquet at a concert in Israel

Maxim Galkin, who lost the opportunity to earn a luxurious life in Russia, is now performing in Israel. Almost every day the parodist gives concerts in small towns of this country. So, on the eve of Maxim Galkin, fans applauded in Kiryat Motzkin, a city with a population of just over forty thousand people. So … Read more

Coalition on the verge of collapse: Israel’s government wants to pave the way for new elections – Politics

No more majority in the Knesset Bennett’s government alliance has been shaky for a long time. In April, the multi-party coalition lost its razor-thin majority of 61 out of 120 seats after a MP left the alliance. A week ago, another member of Bennett’s far-right Jamina party announced his departure from the coalition. That would … Read more

Comedian Nurlana Saburova has long been known by fans

Famous Russian and Kazakh comedian Nurlan Saburov returned to Moscow. The day before, he and his wife were noticed at Basta’s concert. The artist’s wife Diana shared footage from Luzhniki, as well as in the elevator on the way to the stadium, on social networks. Fans noted the changed appearance of Saburov. Commentators advise his … Read more

Maxim Galkin found a part-time job in Israel

Maxim Galkin admitted that at the end of February he lost all his earnings in Russia – the showman lost advertising contracts and the opportunity to arrange concerts. For four months, Maxim Galkin has been living in Israel with his wife Alla Pugacheva and children Harry and Lisa. Three months of them Maxim Galkin was … Read more

Breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS?

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a new method to combat the HI virus that could result in a type of vaccine against the immune deficiency disease AIDS. The scientists’ study was published last week in the journal Nature. “We have developed an innovative treatment that can defeat the virus with a single injection … Read more

Galkin ridiculed a fan who was late for his concert in Israel. Video

Natalia Mikheeva Parodist Maxim Galkin provoked laughter in the hall against a man who came into the hall during a performance. Maksim Galkin. Photo: Global Look Press Showman Maxim Galkin actively performs in the cities of Israel, because he needs to feed a large family – his wife Alla Pugacheva and twin children Harry and … Read more