How fragile is democracy in Tunisia? |

Status: 07/27/2021 6:22 p.m. The democracy movement in the Arab countries that began in 2010 is long history today. Now even Tunisian President Kais Saied has dismissed the government and ordered parliament to take a 30-day break. A conversation with the Islamic scholar Stefan Weidner. Listen to the post 7 Min Mr. Weidner, the Arab … Read more

More speed for the educational republic

The “Summer of Vocational Training” is currently underway with many days of action and events. I myself was there, for example, when the Koblenz Chamber of Crafts presented its modern, inter-company training facility: with a highly sensitive GPS rover as a new measurement technology for use in road construction and a computer-controlled CNC milling machine … Read more

“Smuggling Hendrix – Not without my dog” – film – comedy, ZDF, 07/27/2021, 00:15 – broadcast in the TV program – TV & radio

After his girlfriend left him and he ran out of money for the rent, the musician Yiannis Cyprus just wanted to leave behind him. But not without his loyal companion, the dog Jimi. However, a law prohibits taking animals across the border. Together with Hasan, who lives on the other side of the border, the … Read more

🍭 STU48 Fu Yabushita holds the final autograph session before graduation “I will finish the race with a smile until the end!” –Pop’n’Roll

Kaede Yabushita of STU48 held an autograph session to commemorate the release of “STU48 Kaede Yabushita Photobook Goodbye Afterglow” at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA in Tokyo on Saturday, July 24th. Yabushita who appeared at the event with an orange dress on that day. When asked about the costume, he smiled brightly, saying, “Speaking of Setouchi, fruits are … Read more

In Mordovia, Kirdyashkin spent a student’s scholarship for the needs of his chosen one

Student life is full of joys and sorrows. Photo: Social networks Temnikovsky District Court sentenced Anatoly Kirdyashkin to a fine of 15 thousand rubles. Last April, he found a bank card in the parking lot. Having bought lemonade for 30 rubles, the man realized that he could pay without a pin code for purchases not … Read more

Video of migrant days as a Uber deliveryman Movie “Tokyo Bicycle Festival” released nationwide –

movies”Tokyo Bicycle FestivalWas released on July 10th at the mini theater PorePore Higashinakano in Tokyo (released nationwide). This work is a documentary film directed and heroed by Taku Aoyagi, a filmmaker who lost his job due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The whole story of the days when I went to … Read more

“There is no resentment in dogs and yours will not hate you for leaving him”

For many, summer vacations are just around the corner. Those who share their life with a dog sometimes find it impossible to share these days together due to different circumstances. Fortunately, there are different options for them to be well cared for – having someone they trust move to the home for a few days … Read more

Only 24 percent want them as Green Chancellor candidate

Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock AFP / Axel Schmidt As “Kokolores”, Greens co-party leader Robert Habeck recently dismissed the discussion about replacing Annalena Baerbock as the Greens’ candidate for Chancellor. But if it were up to the voters, that would be urgently needed. 35 percent want Habeck as a candidate for chancellor According to a … Read more

EXCLUSIVE “APOLLO.LV”⟩ “I look in the mirror and am quite satisfied!” Jubilee Akvelīna Līvmane does not count passport years – Celebrities – – Entertainment

On the portal of the National Film Center (NKC) “” in honor of the anniversary of the actress Akvelīna Līvmane, it is possible to watch six feature films with the participation of the anniversary. True, the actress herself states that she does not watch his films. “I live my life and so watching movies goes … Read more

D: How the church in Erftstadt cares for flood refugees

Fortunately, when everything is gone, there are still people to help. The Catholic community in Erftstadt-Bliesheim opened its doors to the needy in a very uncomplicated manner. The willingness to help is overwhelming, as our colleagues from Domradio discover in an interview with Hedi Schlösser, managing director of the Erftstadt-Ville parish association. DOMRADIO.DE: You are … Read more