City Day program in Krasnoyarsk

This year the City Day will be held under the slogan “Open Your Krasnoyarsk”. Festive events will be held both on the left and on the right banks. Key events are on the Peace Square, “In the Center of the World”, on the Yaryginskaya embankment and Mayakovsky Boulevard. August 26 At 12:00, a solemn ceremony … Read more

Alpaca | National Geographic Japanese version site

Vicuna pacos Alpacas (pictured on a ranch in Scotland) are members of the camelid family. (PHOTOGRAPH BY GANNET77, GETTY IMAGES) [画像をタップでギャラリー表示] Fast Facts Classification:mammalsLifespan in captivity:20 yearsLength:1.2-2.1 meters body weight:45-80 kilograms profile Alpacas are camelids that were domesticated 6,000 years ago in the Andes Mountains of Peru for food, fuel, and fiber. Like sheep and … Read more

A dog that usually has a sad face → When you walk in the air, it makes you smile.

A dog that usually has a sad face with its mouth closed. When the owner lifts it high and makes it “walk in the air”, it opens its mouth and smiles. Such a figure has been echoed on the Internet as “fun and cute”. [Video]A dog enjoying a walk in the air It is Maltese … Read more

“Genuine Gacha” Capsule toy in a small bottle containing animal hair More than 100 sold in 2 days “Response beyond expectations” | Domestic | ABEMA TIMES

The small bottle of the capsule toy named “genuine gacha” contains real animal hair. More than 100 units were sold in just two days after the sale, and it has been a hit. [Video]”Gacha” containing “real” animal hair It is sold at Ehime Prefectural “Tobe Zoo” from the 2nd, and it is said that it … Read more

Movie “Inuoh” guidebook The definitive edition of Masaaki Yuasa and other staff and cast interviews –

“Inuoh Animation Guide”, which contains many interviews and comments with the production staff and cast of the movie “Inuoh”, was released on Friday, August 5th. Interviews with director Masaaki Yuasa, original author Hideo Furukawa, character designer Taiyo Matsumoto, scriptwriter Akiko Nogi, and music composer Yoshihide Otomo, along with Abu, who plays Inuoh, and Mirai Moriyama, … Read more

In Mordovia, a dog attacked a 6-year-old child

Photo: Capital C This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Moldova. The incident took place on August 1 in the village of Alexandrovka in the Lyambir village. According to the supervisory authority, a 6-year-old girl walked alone near a local store. At some point, a dog attacked … Read more

A dog who encountered a cat during a walk The owner was surprised by the unexpected development, and Tsukkomi said, “Is there one at home?” | Topics | ABEMA TIMES

[Video]A dog encountering a cat » A dog walking found a cat in the distance. It is said that he lives happily with his cat at home, but the owner is in amazement mode at the unexpected development. “What is that? [Video]A dog encountering a cat “Because it’s transcendentally scared, I can’t move forward when … Read more

Kei Tanaka, interpreting dog language “I’m Beck, a genius actor dog” “Everyone says thank you!” | Movie | ABEMA TIMES

The completion screening of the movie “How”, which will be released nationwide from Friday, August 19th, was held in Tokyo on the 1st. , and the actor dog Beck, who plays the role of Howe, are all in a gorgeous cast. During the stage greeting, the cast and director took the stage while being surrounded … Read more

“Summer training alone costs 300,000 or 400,000, but there is no option not to go, and you can build a close parent-child relationship.” TV Asahi and Anna Hiraishi also worked on the real junior high school exam in Tokyo | Domestic | ABEMA TIMES

The number of junior high school examinees in the Tokyo metropolitan area has been increasing for eight consecutive years. “Junior high school” (junior high school exam) that heats up even in the face of declining birthrate and Korona-ka. Kohei Yano, the representative of the junior high school examination cram school “Studio Campus”, said that there … Read more

A dog “too desperate” trying to get out of the fence “I want to hug you” “I can feel my hard work” Echoes one after another | Topic | ABEMA TIMES

The dog’s face, which is addicted to the fence and desperately trying to get out, has received a lot of feedback, such as “I can feel my hard work”, and it has become a hot topic. [Video]A dog’s face that is too desperate (1: 00 ~) A photo posted on Twitter by the owner with … Read more