SHMF planned with 160 concerts: “It will not be a normal festival” | – Culture – Broadcasts

Status: 05/17/2021 4:35 p.m. The good corona incidence values ​​provide a touch of normalcy in Schleswig-Holstein. But what about the big festivals, such as the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival (SHMF)? Questions to the artistic director Christian Kuhnt. Listen to the post 7 Min Relaxation in gastronomy, soon also in tourism: How sure are you that the … Read more

[My family]Maiko Kikuchi of the morning drama “Futarikko” Everyday with a large dog who has a relationship with her rebellious daughter | Hint-Pot

Actress Maiko Kikuchi and her dog Labrador Retriever Santa-kun[Photo: Yuji Arakawa] The NHK TV series “Futarikko” (NHK Sogo et al.) Broadcast from 1996 to 1997 has been rebroadcast on BS12 from April 5th and has been well received. Maiko Kikuchi, an actress who played Reiko, the sister of the twin sisters who played the leading … Read more

🍭 AKB48 Rin Okabe, Yui Oguri, Erina Oda, Narumi Kuranoo[Distribution Report]Team 8 National Tour Looking back on the trajectory of about 7 years “Tears have been coming out from the first song” –Pop’n’Roll )

Tweet 17LIVE Team 8 with the concept of “idols who go to meet fans all over the country”, centered on MC Rin Okabe, started at the end of 2014 <National tour around 47 prefectures nationwide ~ 47 wonderful The members look back on the trajectory of about 7 years to the town. Oguri: How was … Read more

higher education, height from 175 cm and without a “beer belly” – Capital C

More than 35 thousand women from 41 regions of Russia took part in the online survey, which was conducted by one stunning structure. According to most of the participants, the ideal man is a resident of Moscow or St. Petersburg. With registration. Between the ages of 25 and 45. Height – not less than 175 … Read more

Stuttgart’s new night manager Nils Runge: “Two open spaces are being examined” – Stuttgart

From Frank Rothfuß May 16, 2021 – 6:00 p.m. There could soon be offers and new opportunities for clubs and night owls, says night manager Nils Runge in an interview. The city is examining two open spaces for concerts, events and parties. Stuttgart – Nils Runge (33) is the new Stuttgart night manager. The demands … Read more

Sergio Cammariere, with the album «Piano Nudo» a new performance on the keyboard

“After a long apprenticeship in the Roman piano bars and jazz clubs, and after many concerts all of quality but still not attended by the so-called large audience then conquered with the appearance at the Sanremo festival, despite the refinement of his music he has finally become popular, and approached its growing success with philosophy. … Read more

Uta Bresan shares her recipe for a happy marriage

If it (marriage) is to work for many years, I think it is very important not to lose respect for one another over the years. […] It is very important to remain attractive to the partner, to make an effort to be attentive. That is very, very important. Uta bresan “My Schlagerwelt” interview .

Multigremial Entrepreneurs before these elections cannot be waived holiday: “It seems discriminatory to us” | National

CONTEXT | Nicolás Riveros | UNO Agency visits Following the enactment of Non-waivable holiday for this next May 15 and 16 In the 2021 elections for regional governor, mayor, councilors and conventional constituents, the different layers of commerce said they disagreed with the measure. This unprecedented enactment compels the entire trade to remain closed with … Read more

E1000 leaves its art ‘hidden’ in the streets of Vila-real

CASTELLÓ. Making art that is not seen at first is the desire that has long moved the urban artist E1000. Although it may sound crazy, it is the grace of his work. Intervene bars, sewers, railings … The Madrilenian is an ‘expert’ in intervening the hidden parts of the city. And he does it, as … Read more