Risk of animal feed shortage

90% of the food used to feed animals comes from animal proteins or cereals. These available raw materials are currently scarce, in particular because of avian flu and swine fever in particular. A surge in the price of raw materials has been observed. Producers had to find alternatives for certain products. Animal fats used to … Read more

An animal thought to have been extinct for 140 years resurfaces

The Otidiphaps Insularis is a black-naped pheasant pigeon in the family Columbidae, endemic to the small island of Ferguson in Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean. The last individual of this species was seen 140 years ago, in 1882. Since nothing. Not a trace. A group of researchers from Cornell University, near New York, … Read more

He is soon expelled with his 18 dogs, a call for solidarity is launched

“Please, we need you for these darlings and this gentleman who dedicates his life to his doggies”, launches the APEBA association this Sunday. A race against the clock is engaged before next Thursday. As with each operation of this kind, all eyes are on the households that can contribute. Foster families and associations are expected … Read more

84-year-old gramoun succumbs to dog attack

The St-Denis public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for manslaughter by dog ​​bite, the results of the autopsy of the octogenarian’s body having confirmed that his death was caused by the attack of the hound. The Dogo Argentino was killed on the spot by the gendarmes. He was still very agitated when the soldiers … Read more

The Minister of Education arrives in Reunion

His program: Tuesday, September 27 In the middle of the morning, arrival of the minister at the Montgaillard college for a visit to a ULIS class (Localized Units for School Inclusion) and discussion with the parents of pupils. At the beginning of the afternoon, at Les Baies Roses Moufia school in St-Denis, the Minister will … Read more

The Dog Denis Style returns on October 8

The Chien Denis Style concert will bring together for the first time in 20 years the big names of Reunionese rap. Atep, Futur Crew, James, Renlo and Kenshiro will be in concert at the Cité des Arts on October 8 at 8 p.m., on the occasion of the Réunion Graffiti festival. A unique concert that … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Dubai Cares’ vision for transforming education globally takes center stage at ‘Education Transformation Summit’

DUBAI, 20th September, 2022 (WAM) — Continuing its global advocacy efforts for a transformed education ecosystem, Dubai Cares, a civil society organization officially associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications, has unveiled the report “ Rewiring Education for People and Planet” at the Education Transformation Summit (TES) in collaboration with the Education Commission. … Read more

Philippe Naillet challenges the Minister of National Education

If our academy has been endowed with new positions, the 2690 AESH cannot however meet the high expectations of our families. Several students like Cyrielle, a 3-year-old autistic youngster, had to stay at home. However, as you know, the social characteristics and the results of the 2018 PISA survey should place our entire academy in … Read more

5 days of awareness-raising by TCO mediators

After International Cat Day on August 8, it’s the turn of “man’s best friend” to be celebrated! This Friday, August 26, 2022 marks World Dog Day. On this occasion, the mediators of the TCO will carry out several actions in the 5 municipalities of the territory to inform and sensitize the masters and future masters … Read more

Snoopy does not want to leave the streets despite the death of his master

Snoopy, faithful dog One sad day, the volunteers learn that the gentleman died of a heart attack in the street, under the eyes of his little companions. Her little dog died some time later. The dog has since been adopted in France. Snoopy continued to wander on and near the burial grounds, visibly bewildered by … Read more