A crazy journey of two (and one) women living a super-hard “isolated life” in the Arctic | World | for WOMAN

Alone with two women in a studio of only 20 square meters, they are completely isolated from the outside world and spend days when the sun is rarely worshiped. Well, did you say that this winter? But in their case, the threat in the outside world is not the new coronavirus. It is not a … Read more

“We found large pots of poison” – Wel.nl

45 years later Charles Sobhraj is once again busy. By Netflix series The Serpent the French serial killer, who murdered hippies in Thailand, is in the spotlight again. NRC spoke to the man who put Sobhraj behind bars, the diplomat Herman Knippenberg. Missing DutchSobhraj, who pretended to be Alain Gautier, murdered backpackers who ended up … Read more

Order by prescription: family doctors will be able to choose vaccine in future

Friday April 16, 2021 Order by prescription Family doctors will be able to choose vaccine in the future The German vaccination campaign is picking up speed at the latest with the help of family doctors. In the future, they should also decide how much of which preparation they will receive. This is to prevent vaccines … Read more

US launches sanctions against Russia | siraj daily

Washington | The enmity between the United States and Russia, the world’s major economic powers, has reached a new level. The United States has imposed sanctions on six companies involved in the Russian government’s cyber activities. The United States has expelled 10 Russian diplomats. The move by the Joe Biden government against Russia comes in … Read more

US intelligence agencies named two versions of the occurrence of COVID-19 :: Politics :: RBC

US intelligence does not have reliable information about the origin of the virus, the CIA believes that the Chinese authorities did not provide WHO with all the necessary assistance Фото: Getty Images The director of US National Intelligence Avril Haynes, during the hearings of the US Senate committee, said that the intelligence services did not … Read more

Why so many babies die of Covid-19 in Brazil – Wel.nl

More than 362,000 people have now died of the corona virus in Brazil. This makes it the worst affected country in the world after the US. Yesterday, 3,459 people died in one day from Covid-19. These are not only the elderly. A total of 1,300 babies have also died, BBC News reports. Many children who … Read more

Citibank will stop working with retail clients in Russia

American Citigroup intends to close its retail business in 13 countries, including Russia. The Russian division clarified that the closure of branches for work with clients – individuals will take several years Фото: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Citibank, the Russian subsidiary of the American Citigroup, will stop working with individual clients in the coming … Read more

“Even the coach used to laugh”

Ronaldo’s attacking partner Djorkaeff also placed him as the best player he shared space with in his career. If you want to receive alerts from European Soccer, download the App now. espn.com/app » The passage of Ronaldo the ‘Phenomenon’ at Inter Milan He not only impressed the fans of the Italian club and his rivals. … Read more

Education: School in Corona times: Deficits revealed – health & life

In Germany, the federal and state governments have been advising a billion-dollar tutoring program for some time. However, this should not start until autumn. Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek (CDU) said on Wednesday in the Bundestag with a view to the burdens on families and students in the current year. “That’s why we shouldn’t … Read more

Education: School in Corona Times: Deficits Revealed – Politics

A quick test, an FFP2 mask and other utensils are on a school table during a test run with corona quick tests at the elementary school in the Köllnische Heide in Berlin-Neukölln. Photo: Christoph Soeder / dpa Photo: dpa Many students are suffering from the restrictions caused by the Corona crisis. Experts want more pragmatic … Read more