“Golden Corda Starlight Orchestra” Ichinose Galaxy Limited SSR Card Reward Event “Onsen! Ranbu! Investigation Line!” | Game Information Site Gamer

At this event, you can earn rewards such as SSR Ichinose Galaxy “Marumari Onsen Journey” according to the “Happiness Pt (points)” collected at the concert. Limited time event “Onsen! Ranbu! Investigation Line!” Held-Collect points and get event-limited SSR- At this event, which will be held until 14:59 on May 26, 2021 (Wednesday), you can hold … Read more

Manizha assessed her chances of winning Eurovision

Russian singer Manizha (Manizha Sangina) assessed her chances of winning the international Eurovision Song Contest, RIA Novosti quoted her as saying. According to the performer, she will definitely make it to the finals of the competition. “I know for sure that the final awaits me. But which place depends solely on my inner confidence, confidence … Read more

Coercion measures are denatured

In the last two large cases of administrative corruption, the coercion measures have been decided within a week of the arrests and the hearings have lasted up to one day. In what time should a measure of coercion be known? And what should that audience be like? These questions are answered by the lawyers specialized … Read more

higher education, height from 175 cm and without a “beer belly” – Capital C

More than 35 thousand women from 41 regions of Russia took part in the online survey, which was conducted by one stunning structure. According to most of the participants, the ideal man is a resident of Moscow or St. Petersburg. With registration. Between the ages of 25 and 45. Height – not less than 175 … Read more

Dominican prisoners abroad: How do they live?

The economic situation in the country, low wages and lack of employment were some of the factors that motivated Mario Matos (not his real name) to leave the Dominican Republic undocumented. He was a simple fisherman from the Samaná province who, tired of living in precarious conditions, decided to leave his homeland and take a … Read more

The ultra melting recipe for the giant cookie!

The cookie is the essential delicacy, appreciated by young and old alike! For afternoon tea, dessert or simply for a snack! Impossible to resist him! Imagine that there is a recipe for baking a gigantic cookie, for three times the pleasure! Radio Space shares with you the recipe for the giant cookie with chocolate chips … Read more

awareness of self-tests in Saint-Paul

About fifty people go to the stands installed on the site. A passing place chosen for sensitize the Reunionese population as much as possible to fight against Covid-19. The opportunity for participants to discover how to use an antigenic self-test. And also leave with a box of self-tests with their instructions for use. When to … Read more

“Open Arms!”, The new Country Brand logo

With 53% of the votes, Isabella Fernández, the creator of the “Brazos Abiertas” logo, won the “A Republic Full of Talent” contest, a Country Brand project that has attracted the attention of society in recent days. “The open arms of the Dominican Republic to the world”, is the concept transmitted by the young designer through … Read more

THE BALL – Lions join the International Museum Day (Sporting)

This Thursday, Sporting announced a special program associated with the International Museum Day. The event will start on Saturday, May 15th, and will continue until June 1st. The lions will offer a vast program of activities dedicated to members and families, including a theatrical visit to the Leonine museum. It is recalled that the International … Read more

Peravia: Abinader inaugurates a solar energy park that will provide 50 megawatts

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader Corona, attended this Thursday the inauguration of the photovoltaic solar source electricity generation park AES Bayasol, from AES Dominicana, which will contribute 50 megawatts to the National Electric System, in the Peravia province. According to the president of the AES Dominicana corporation for Mexico, Central America and the … Read more