How much does the “Building the Future” youth scholarship increase on January 13, 2021?

MEXICO CITY.- In January 2021, those who receive the “Young Building the Future” scholarship will receive 562 pesos more than what was established for the previous year. As of January 13, students will receive the amount of 4,310 pesos. In a post on Twitter, Luisa María Alcalde, Secretary of Labor announced the increase, also highlighted … Read more

Municipal scholarships increase 20% and reach 93 students

The City Council of La Guancha, through the Department of Education led by María Jesús Vargas (PP), has made public the resolution of the municipal call for scholarships to students for the current 2020-2021 academic year, which has 20% more budget and will reach 93 local students. In this edition, and in accordance with the … Read more

With the increase in covid cases, what will return to school be like? – Education – Life

Between the third week of January and the first of February, the back to class in the country’s schools. A process in which the alternation model will begin to be applied (a progressive and gradual return to the classroom, without neglecting virtual classes and home schooling). (It may interest you: Will universities also return to … Read more