From June 12 to the end of the year, the zodiac sheep, the zodiac dog, and the zodiac rabbit begin to transfer, and the opportunity to make a fortune is coming! _Fortune_Friends_Life

Original title: From June 12 to the end of the year, the zodiac sheep, the zodiac dog, and the zodiac rabbit begin to transfer, and the opportunity to make a fortune is coming! zodiac dog People born in the Year of the Dog will live from June 12 to the end of the year, and … Read more

Performance Market: The Rising Popularity of New Business Formats Drives the Upgrade of Cultural Consumption

Our reporter Liu Miao A few days ago, the China Performance Industry Association completed the 2021 national performance market research and statistical analysis, and released the “2021 National Performance Market Annual Report” (referred to as the “Report”). Since 2012, the China Performance Industry Association has researched and compiled the annual report on the national performance … Read more

The musicians lowered their voice – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

Russian artists, one by one, postpone the next concerts for an indefinite period. Recently, Boris Grebenshchikov announced on Twitter that the performances of Aquarium have been canceled until better times. Earlier, other rock bands also announced the postponement of concerts. At the same time, musicians risk losing streaming listening revenue. This is due to the … Read more

how to get money back for education and medicine

STUDY EXPENSES Who is supposed to? IMPORTANT! Overpaid taxes for justified expenses can only be returned by someone who in a particular year was a payer of personal income tax (PIT) – this means that he worked and paid PIT from the income he received. Pensioners who paid PIT can also file a declaration to … Read more

State budget of Ukraine for 2022 – how salaries, scholarships in Ukraine in 2022 will change, what expenses and incomes are provided for in the state budget of Ukraine for 2022 – news

Top news Photos from open sources Officials have already completed work on the draft state budget of the country for next year Everything related to the formation of the state budget, its expenses and revenues, for some reason always causes a lot of problems in the Cabinet of Ministers. Officials postpone the presentation of the … Read more

I will not leave a penny for the children. I gave them education and genes / GORDON

When asked if Korogodsky would leave something for the children, he replied: “No, not a penny. They know about it.” He emphasized that, on the contrary, he would leave the children for the maintenance of the “Zhivolyub” charitable foundation. “I gave them an education. The best one could get … And I gave them genes. … Read more

Education and investment included in the list of the most reliable methods of enrichment in the opinion of Russians

Analysts at Sberbank Asset Management conducted a study to establish which of the Russians’ sources of enrichment are considered the most reliable. Most of the respondents called more intensive work the main way to increase income, writes RIA Novosti. According to experts, 67.7% of respondents are confident that it is possible to improve their well-being … Read more

Seo Jang-hoon “Broadcast income exceeded basketball income” (‘Jin Kyung-gyu’)

[스포츠조선닷컴 이우주 기자] Lee Kyung-gyu and Seo Jang-hoon share their most honest and candid talk about their broadcasting income, assets, and their thoughts on fellow entertainers. In the Kakao TV original ‘Jin Kyung-gyu’, which will be released at 5 pm on the 20th (Wednesday), Seo Jang-hoon, a national treasure center, appears in the corner ‘Drunk … Read more