foreign agents are losing concerts abroad » News agency “GULKEVICHI.COM”

Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze were among the first to leave the Russian Federation – back in February last year. The singer performed in the Baltics, with hits in Ukrainian, but the audience did not like this repertoire. The artist tried to organize a tour on the Iberian Peninsula in several cities, but everything did … Read more

foreign agents of the Russian Federation lose concerts abroad

Photos from open sources Many artists of various pop trends who left the Russian Federation after the announcement of a special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces on the territory of Ukraine faced troubles abroad. Far from my native country, it turned out to be not so easy and simple to earn money in … Read more

The concert of the group “Zveri” at the SPIEF was canceled

The performance of the group “Beasts”, which was planned to be held during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, was canceled. Instead of this team, “Chizh and Co” and “Django” will perform. The list of participants in the St. Petersburg Seasons festival, which will take place on June 16 as part of the St. Petersburg … Read more

who gets taxed and how

A number of Ukrainian students are eligible to receive social scholarships in 2023, however, in some cases, the payment is subject to taxation. According to the Legal Advisor for IDPs, if the amount of the scholarship together with indexation does not exceed 3,760 hryvnias, then taxes from it will not be calculated. At the same … Read more

Non-existent concert tickets were sold to Astana and Almaty residents » Turan times

24.04.2023, 15:40, 35 0 Author: Turan Times VPak Author of the photo: A serial Internet scammer traded in the sale of fake concert tickets. To date, about 10 deceived residents of the capital and Almaty have turned to the police. The amount of damage is being established, reports with reference to In … Read more

A pack of dogs attacked a child in Irkutsk

In the microdistrict Second Irkutsk, a pack of dogs attacked a child. This happened over the weekend. The boy with lacerated wounds was taken to the Ivano-Matryoninskaya hospital. The situation was commented in the mayor’s office of the regional center. She was reported to be under special control by the municipality. Specialists conduct daily monitoring … Read more

In the Rostov region, rescuers pulled a dog stuck out of a fence

It is believed that animals do not navigate the calendar. However, yesterday morning a stray dog ​​in the village of Veshenskaya felt the intrigues of “Friday the 13th”. Early in the morning, a tenant of one of the apartment buildings was awakened by a heart-rending dog whining. The call for help came from the direction … Read more