How much does it cost to go on Erasmus to each country? The cheapest and most expensive destinations

University life is made up of several unforgettable experiences. One of them is to get out of Erasmus to study abroad. There are more than 30 countries from which you can choose to go, and this is something to take into account, since beyond the preferences of the students, each of the destinations has a … Read more

how long can i leave my dog ​​alone in the garden

He Bill for the protection, rights and welfare of animals It was approved on February 9 by the Congress of Deputies and has been sent to the Senate for debate before its final entry into force. Among the novelties, article 32 defines as a serious offense “permanently keeping animals on terraces, balconies, roof terraces, storage … Read more

Motocross races and concerts transform the beach into an amusement park

Marevivo says NO to big events on the beach. But what “motocross thrills”, “impressive background” and “beach that turns into a spectacular track”? These titles, which refer to the motocross competition that took place in recent days on the Chiaia beach in Forio (Ischia) should, on the contrary, denounce the’yet another havoc accomplished by man … Read more

How long can I leave my dog ​​or cat alone according to the Animal Welfare Law?

He Congress of Deputies approved this Thursday, February 9, 2022, the Animal Welfare Law. This rule, which has put pressure on the government coalition formed by PSOE and Podemos for some time, has a wide range of measures that affect owners and pets. Among the most controversial articles of the norm, it stands out that … Read more

Yuridia will give 2 concerts in 2023 in CDMX: This is what the tickets cost

A few weeks before 2022 ends, the musical events that will take place throughout 2023 begin to be uncovered, being the concerts of Yuridia in CDMXthe most anticipated. yes, fans of Yuridia They are already fighting for the tickets for the concerts that the emerging La Academia will offer at the National Auditorium From Mexico … Read more