Shocking! Radev again with Masonic signs, and Kiril Petkov and Vassilev repeat them

“Brotherhood of the Honest” and “More Light” are entirely Masonic slogans and messages used for centuries, which President Radev, willingly or unwillingly, introduced into the public space. The same word “honest people” is used by Kiril Petkov for his new project, writes the historian Georgi Bozhilov for Epicenter: “In 2020, the brotherhood of honorable people … Read more

American historian lists five myths about World War II :: Society :: RBC

Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor base (Фото: Fox Photos / Getty Images) Senior historian of the National Museum of World War II (USA, Louisiana) Rob Sitino spoke about popular, from his point of view, myths about World War II. He wrote an article about this for TIME magazine. According to Sitino, one of the most … Read more