About the animal welfare law | Opinion

About the animal welfare law The animal welfare law was approved a few days ago in the Congress of Deputies by the government partners (PSOE-Podemos) despite the different positions that both hold on some of the proposals that the law contemplates. Once again, the ministers of Podemos have hastily implemented another law, without consensus, without … Read more

The ‘premiere’ of the animal welfare law

The ‘premiere’ of the animal welfare law From the creators of ‘The law of only yes is yes’ now comes the premiere of ‘The animal welfare law’, the second installment of the horror saga that has been so successful in recent months, and which is a sequel to that saga of the revolutionary sixties, ‘Pepe … Read more

Education has not been a high priority

Dr. Maria Victoria Peralta academic UCEN and National Education Award With this phrase, President Boric opened the constitutive meeting of the Advisory Council for Educational Reactivation and the Launch of the Educational Reactivation Plan (2023-2025), or as expressed by Minister Ávila “full and happy development of children and young people”, both are a message that … Read more

Sexuality in education to debit

Carlos Guajardo Castillo Director of Pedagogy in Basic General Education UCEN After knowing the figures provided by the Ministry of Health, regarding the sustained increase in Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in Chile, the debate of having a robust program, grounded to students and of an interdisciplinary nature in sex education in our country. The school … Read more

Questions That Matter When Applying to Higher Education

What career to choose? This has been the most frequently asked question among those who are seeking to access higher education for years and for many students it only responds to more anxiety about a possible bad decision. The specialist in motivation and learning issues and Principal Investigator of the Millennium Nucleus for the Science … Read more

ACHM and Mineduc form a table to address education financing

The Undersecretary of Education, Gabriel Bosque; together with the president of the Chilean Association of Municipalities (ACHM) and mayoress of Peñalolén, Carolina Leitao; the president of the Education Commission, the mayor of Pelarco, Bernardo Vásquez, and the mayor of Los Angeles and vice president of the Commission, Esteban Krause, began the technical roundtable for the … Read more

Education, vocation and happiness

Eduardo Navarro Ojeda Admission and Dissemination Director Andrés Bello University, Concepción campus There are only a few days left for the results of the Higher Education Access Test (PAES) to be published and for the more than 250,000 young people who took it to have to face a big decision: choose a career. For many … Read more

Equal access to Higher Education

Rafael Rosell Aiquel Rector University of Alba In Chile, the centralized university admission system with standardized tests has been the basis for admission to universities since 1967. In particular, the recent experience of the PSU was criticized across the board, because it opened an important gap between the performance of students from paid private schools, … Read more

Local Public Education Services

The Chamber of the Chamber approved the modifications of the Senate to a “miscellaneous” bill. The norm intends to respond to various priority needs of the educational system. The project was presented by the Government in July of this year and dispatched by the deputies to the second stage in August. In general terms, the … Read more

ACHM Education Commission met with Maule teachers

Mayor Bernardo Vásquez, in his capacity as president of the Education Commission of the Chilean Association of Municipalities (ACHM), was summoned by the regional board of the College of Teachers to a meeting to discuss various issues associated with the public education system, to purpose of the recently concluded school year. To delve into them … Read more