The Spring Festival returns to Mondragón with six concerts

arrasate – After a one-year hiatus caused by the pandemic, Udaberriko Musikaldia returns to the devastating cultural billboard with six concerts that will raise the curtain on April 16. It will be two consecutive weekends in which Kulturate and the church of San Frantzisko will become the stages of recitals – all at 7:00 pm … Read more

Maite R. Ochotorena: “Fill the shopping cart with my books and I went to sell them”

He likes nature and transfers that passion to The Forest Messenger, his latest story, where he has turned nature into a flesh and blood character in a world of suspense. Make it clear that what attracts you and fascinates you is the thriller, genre present in all his books. Maite R. Ochotorena is a fun … Read more

Iker Liceaga: “I never thought that working at NASA would be my future”

Iker Liceaga, from Donostia, works as a mechanical engineer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, located in Washington. After studying Industrial Technologies Engineering in Tecnun, he obtained a scholarship to carry out his Final Master’s Project at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Today he is working on a project of the Heliophysics Division … Read more

Education and Haurreskolak will create a feasibility plan

Donostia – The Department of Education and the Haurreskolak Consortium announced yesterday to the unions the development of a strategic and viability plan for these centers, and proposed a process of negotiating the agreement. The unions LAB, Steilas and ELA reported that yesterday the negotiating table of the Haurreskolak Consortium met, at the request of … Read more

La Real has not beat Barcelona in Donostia since 2016

There was a time when I visited the Real society it was a bad drink for him Barcelona. Since the txuri-urdin team returned to Primera, in the 2010-11 season, the royalists have chained seven games without knowing defeat against the Catalans, including 1-1 in the 2013-14 Cup semifinal. The Guipuzcoans, however, have not beaten Barcelona … Read more

The Kursaal also increases the capacity of LODVG concerts

DECREE – Kursaal Eszena has issued 600 more tickets for the three concerts that La Oreja de Van Gogh will offer between Saturday – 5pm and 7.30pm – and Sunday – 7.30pm. Each show will have 200 more seats. This has been possible thanks to the fact that the latest decree of the Basque Government … Read more

Couples | Recipe for a round duel

Elezkano II-Zabaleta19 Altuna-Mariezkurrena II22 Duration: 60:34 minutes of play. Bags: 2 from Elezkano II (both 10 and 12) and 1 from Altuna III (both 20). Service fouls: None. Balls: 489 hits to good. So many at stake: 5 of Elezkano II, 4 of Zabaleta, 10 of Altuna III and 6 of Mariezkurrena II. Mistakes: 1 … Read more

Alcibades’s dog – News from Gipuzkoa

aLcibiades was a statesman, strategist and orator from Athens, of changing loyalties, who had a magnificent, well-cared-for dog, with which, to the envy and admiration of the people, she used to walk through the agora of the city, that is, through its heart. At one point he was involved in a corruption case, becoming the … Read more

Euskadiko Orkestra programs three Family Concerts in Vitoria between March and May

SAN SEBASTIÁN, 4 (EUROPA PRESS) Euskadiko Orkestra has scheduled three Family Concerts at the Principal Theater in Vitoria. ‘Ekomusik’, ‘Mozart, Nannerl eta lagunak’ and ‘Living Room Music’ are the titles of the three own productions aimed at family audiences that the orchestra will offer in the capital of Alava between March and May. As explained … Read more

Zinegoak, the film festival dedicated to people who dare to live their own identity

A project to learn how to say ‘lesbian’ in Basque, a short that delves into the lives of LGTBI + elderly people or films to talk about lesbian motherhood are works that will meet at the 18th edition of Zinegoak, the Film Festival and Performing Arts Gaylesbitrans de Bilbao. A festival that seeks to focus … Read more