Mayday Xi’an Concert implements a strong real-name system for ticket purchases and admission does not support gift transfer or resale_Oriental Fortune Network

On August 29th, @西安后文化 released Mayday 2023 “I really want to see you” Xi’an concert tickets to strengthen the real-name systemannouncementSaid that the company decided to implement a strong real-name system for ticket purchase for this performance, and the purchased tickets do not support transfer or resale. For ticket purchases where the ticket, certificate, and … Read more

Catalin Predoiu, about the May perhaps 2 tragedy: “I don’t regret anything. It’s a pressing situation

The Minister of Inside Affairs was asked, on Thursday night, on a Television station, if he regrets nearly anything. He answered that “no, due to the fact he is not directly involved in the functions of carrying out the police act”, but that “in these types of a circumstance you sense a obligation on your … Read more

Stadtmuseum Hofheim Shines the ‘Spotlight’ on Emy Roeder’s Plaster Relief

MTK-News by Adolf Albus (21.07.2023) The Stadtmuseum Hofheim received a special gift at the beginning of the year: the plaster relief “Padula VI” by the artist Emy Roeder. The work was donated by the Munzel couple. The relief is now the focus of a cabinet exhibition on the artist. Emy Roeder’s biography and work are … Read more

At the Friends of Music of Florence season with 67 concerts – Music

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, JUNE 23 – A program with 67 concerts, of which 50 in season and the other 17 among the Fortissimissimo Firenze festival and Fortissimissimo metropolitano initiatives. This will be the 2023/2024 concert season of the Friends of Music of Florence presented at the Teatro della Pergola. The inauguration will be on October … Read more

The Sweet and Sour Delight of Locally Grown Fruit: Discover Kurakichi’s Akita Fruit Cookie Can

The sweet and sour taste of locally grown fruit is a treat Kurakichi is a confectionery brand that has its main store in Kakunodate, the Little Kyoto of Akita Prefecture. Creative sweets that are carefully made one by one by craftsmen using carefully selected local ingredients are attracting attention in Tokyo. One of the representative … Read more

Teddy Bear, Featured Teddy Bear, Printed Fabric Rag Animal: Gingham, Prince of Gale | Figures | Decoration | HOME & LIFE | ROOM & GUT Design

Product information “Teddy Bear, Featured Teddy Bear, Printed Fabric Rag Animal: Gingham, Prince of Gale” Teddy Bear, Featured Teddy Bear, Patterned Fabric Rag Animal: Gingham, Prince of Wales Fabric bear with beady eyes and pink palms and soles. How cute! Patterned bears are true collector’s items. Decorate your apartment from them or give them as … Read more

Crossroads is back, 60 concerts between jazz and rock – Music

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, FEBRUARY 16 – Sixty concerts distributed in over twenty municipalities throughout the Emilia-Romagna region, from March 3 to July 27. It is the new edition, the 24th, of Crossroads, the festival that will host 450 musicians, promoted by Jazz Network and the Emilia-Romagna Region. ‘Resident’ artists, engaged in various projects, will be … Read more

That’s why animals aren’t Christmas gifts

Year after year, animal welfare associations issue an urgent appeal not to give animals away at Christmas. The animal shelters are already full. Super cute, super bow – bad present. It’s better not to give pets away at Christmas. – Ina Fassbender/dpa-tmn Ad the essentials in brief Animals don’t belong under the Christmas tree as … Read more