Denis Matsuev first spoke about the abolition of Russian culture

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, pianist Denis Matsuev. A photo: Mikhail FROLOV One of the most famous pianists in the world Denis Matsuev came under a wave of repression in the field of culture – his concerts in Europe and the USA were canceled, and the Swiss leaders of the Sergei Rachmaninov Foundation expelled … Read more

of Ukrainians looking for work face the language barrier

Ganna Nikolska returns disappointed from the stand of an insurer, yet ready to hire Ukrainian refugees in Berlin: “It’s not possible because I don’t speak German,” she sighs in rudimentary English. This 42-year-old doctor fled the city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine in March, “with her backpack and her daughter”, her sister, Olena Nikitochkina, 36, … Read more

Max Barskikh showed how he was greeted at a charity concert in Germany, photo

The popular Ukrainian performer Max Barskikh, who returned to Ukraine since the beginning of the war and even joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is now working on his “front” – on the creative side. The artist went on tour to Germany, where he gives charity concerts and raises funds to support … Read more

Education in Germany: how to enter the university and get a scholarship for Ukrainians

How to return or enter a higher educational institution for Ukrainians and not make a mistake – told in the German public organization ABLE eV What students should know when applying to universities in Germany / Photo: Pexels Ukrainians continue to adapt abroad, where they moved temporarily due to Russian aggression. Among them are not … Read more

Ukrainian students pose a challenge to schools – 24,000 teachers needed

Pupils from Ukraine in the international class of the Max Ernst Comprehensive School Refugees from Ukraine arrive in Germany every day. Many of them are schoolchildren – so far almost 60,000 have registered at German schools. (Photo: dpa) Kiel, Berlin The President of the Conference of Ministers of Education, Karin Prien, expects that several hundred … Read more

Education – Hanover – FDP for school visits by the armed forces and police – education

Home training Hannover Education – Hanover:FDP for school visits by the armed forces and police Apr 14, 2022 11:58 am Open detailed view Stefan Birkner (FDP) speaks. Photo: Ole Spata/dpa/archive image (Photo: dpa) Directly from the dpa news channel Hanover (dpa / lni) – According to the ideas of the FDP, the Federal Armed Forces … Read more

Ekaterina Shulman announced that she had left for Germany for a year

Political scientist and public figure Ekaterina Shulman announced that she left Russia for Germany for a year as a scholarship holder of the Robert Bosch Foundation. The fund, one of the largest in Germany, was established in 1984, its main goal is to attract young professionals, mainly from the United States, for their subsequent employment … Read more

Recognizing dental problems in rabbits

When rabbits are sick, they often suffer in secret for a long time: “As prey animals, they are masters at hiding illnesses,” says veterinarian Cecilia Siedl. With wild rabbits, a weak animal means danger for the whole group – and sick animals are excluded to protect the clan. House rabbits behave in a similar way: … Read more