Mikaël Petrossian, the 3rd generation of caviar that shakes up the codes

AFP, published on Sunday April 18, 2021 at 2:39 p.m. He put the gourmet restaurant on hold to serve his grandmother’s Russian-Armenian dishes in the family establishment: Mikaël Petrossian, third generation of the caviar dynasty, is adapting to the pandemic by shaking up the codes. “We had to change the way we operate”, told AFP … Read more

Mezza Carolina, the Arenzano cocktail. History, curiosity and recipe

Perhaps not everyone knows, but Arenzano has its own alcoholic cocktail, the Mezza Carolina, based on orange Schweppes, Bitter Campari and vodka. The “Mezza” is drunk in some bars also in Genoa and in other municipalities of the province, but it comes from the Riviera town. The history of Half Carolina The inventor of the … Read more

Covid-19 | Outbreak at Abrantes school rises to eight cases, four in children (w / AUDIO)

The number of people infected in the outbreak that led to the closure of Maria Lucília Moita primary school in Abrantes has grown from five to eight cases, now affecting a total of 4 children, 3 guardians and an employee of that educational facility. – Advertising – Speaking to mediotejo.net, the Public Health Delegate of … Read more

Salsify sautéed with fine herbs

Vegetables & P. ​​de T. The recipe for: Salsify sautéed with fine herbs Ingredients for 4 people: 1kg de salsifis 1 c. s. de persil hach 1/2 c. s. destragon hach 1 small shallot, finely chopped lemon juice 1 tbsp of butter White vinegar salt pepper Preparation: Operation cleaning the salsify: it is simple, we … Read more

Recipe: how to make zucchini brownies?

Featured news from Gastronomy and Recipes This recipe will certainly leave you with your mouth open. Zucchini brownies are a very good alternative to take care of your health and welcome the fusion of sweet and savory ingredients. Ideal to replace any meal of the day and fill your life with good nutrition. A bit … Read more

Recipe: ingredients and how to prepare Mexican tacos or burritos

Thanks to the flavors of its meats and dressings such as beans and pico de gallo, tacos or burritos, it becomes one of the most representative and iconic dishes of Mexican gastronomy, but at the same time, one of the most widely accepted in Colombian cuisine for its easy preparation. A bit of the history … Read more

Fake risotto recipe with squid, egg yolk and confit potatoes

Xabi Goikoetxea, from the Oria restaurant, teaches you how to make this trompe l’oeil with pasta, squid, egg yolk and confit potato Xabi Goikoetxea, chef of the Oria restaurant, the restaurant with a Michelin star of the Monument Hotel whose gastronomic direction is in charge of Martín Berasategui, shows you how fake squid risotto with … Read more

Recipe: How to prepare chicken wings?

In this recipe you will learn how to prepare juicy wings, with ingredients that you surely always have at home. Bittersweet, spicy, and salty, the best choice for exquisite palates. A bit of the history of this dish Although many people do not like wings very much and find them unattractive, there are others who … Read more

Julio César Uribe: Diamond’s secret recipe to prepare the best lomo saltado in Lima | VIDEO | ARE

Lima, April 8, 2021Updated 04/08/2021 11:06 pm According to the criteria of Know more The chalaca is not the only play that recovers the brilliance of soccer that was practiced in Lima and Callao at the beginning of the 20th century and should be in all the encyclopedias. In 1982, no less than in the … Read more