Emmanuel Macron continues his subliminal campaign

Three days before the first round of regional, the Head of State visited the lands of Xavier Bertrand and the RN in Hauts-de-France. Promised, Emmanuel Macron is not in the countryside. But there is still a doubt. Traveling in Hauts-de-France Thursday for the third stage of his Tour de France, the President of the Republic … Read more

“Self-test”, “concert-test”… But where does the word “test” come from?

Its etymology is linked to a mollusk. Le Figaro make the point. “Tell me if you are tested, I will tell you who you are.” The word has been on everyone’s lips for almost a year. We knew the «tests PCR», “Antigenic tests”, “Serological tests”. We now have «Self-test», “Test elections” and «concert-tests». But what … Read more

Dictionary of the French Academy | 5th edition

5e editing MORTGAGE. v. a. ■ Submit to mortgage, give away for mortgage. Mortgage all his property. ■ Mortgaged, ée. participates. It is familiarly said of A man whose health is ruined, thatHe is well mortgaged. 5e edition, Volume 1, page 703 .