the Ministry of National Education will file a complaint after a leak of subjects

The Ministry of National Education announced Thursday, June 30, its intention to file a complaint after the escape of subjects from the college patent tests which take place this Friday. The backup subjects (prepared for each exam in case of problems) will be used for the history-geography and science exams on Friday due to a … Read more

How is the golden retriever, an energetic dog and excellent swimmer whose origin is the golden puppy of a cobbler destined to die

Let’s set ourselves in England, in the middle of the 19th century. A young future lord, from a wealthy and successful family, showed a passionate interest in dog breeding. This Victorian hobby was not only well-regarded, but it was a trait worthy of admiration in a member of high society or a respectable family like … Read more

Free admission to Edogawa Natural Zoo (Tokyo)! Carefully observe small animals & double your interest with animal quizzes | Rurubu Kids

There is an “animal quiz” in front of each animal exhibition hall, so let’s challenge A learning spot where intellectual curiosity grows quickly!A zoo in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo. Although admission is free, you can see many small animals such as prairie dogs, red pandas, penguins, and owls. What’s more, it’s nice to be able to … Read more

More staff at school and for digitization: Budget for the years 2022 and 2023 sets clear priorities

The budget of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family is still the largest single budget of all Senate Departments and will grow by almost 500 million euros to around 5.6 billion euros this year alone. Around 5.6 billion euros have been budgeted for 2023 as well. Around 1,500 new jobs will be created … Read more

Family and environmental education | Opinion

It is considered that the adults of the family are responsible for the formation of habits, values ​​and customs of the minors of the home. However, many times it is our children and adolescents who contribute effectively to environmental education in their own environment. This is possible thanks to the education plans that are contemplated … Read more

[7/9 (Sat)]Summer Bike Festival Open Campus! !! | GIA Vocational School Niigata International Automobile College

Summer SPECIAL open campus!July 9th (Sat))Is a motorcycle festival ▼If you come to the open campus, Ima! !!▼Special campaign!Present for first-time participants 🎁🌸\ Selectable gift cardFor 1,500 yen// Special program! !! 🚲 GIA Bike Festival Held! 🌟 A large collection of various motorcycles!Experience the powerful engine sound! !! Shooting is also OK! !! A famous … Read more

How is the French bulldog, a stubborn and protective dog that Toulouse-Lautrec immortalized

The origin of the French bulldog, or frenchie as it is colloquially known, it is related to that of bulldogs such as the American Pit Bull Terrier. The English bulldog, its closest relative, was another breed created for fighting, so it shares in its creation and ancestry the same breeds of Molossers, Alans and Mastiffs … Read more

#24 Why do dogs have to be on a leash (and cats don’t)? | woof & wow

You like my podcast and you want to get rid of it? Do you have questions or want to talk about the content of a specific episode? Then select the respective episode in the form and write to me. If you want to have a very individual podcast episode with your child and you think … Read more

Ichikawa City Zoo and Botanical Garden (Chiba Prefecture) has an interesting animal lineup such as orangutans | Rurubu Kids

Face up of “Evan” of Sumatran orangutan A learning spot where intellectual curiosity grows quickly!Although it is a small zoo, the animals that are bred and exhibited are full of charm. There are many interesting and curious animals such as orangutans, otters, alpaca, and red pandas, where 10 of them live. »Learning spots where intellectual … Read more