Fact check: How secure is postal voting? | Germany | DW

Is postal voting prone to voting fraud? No. In Germany there is a historically grown infrastructure for postal votes. If postal ballot papers are requested, this will be noted in the electoral roll. This is to prevent eligible voters from voting twice, once by post and once by ballot box. If the documents are to … Read more

Fact check: how much responsibility does China have for climate change? | Knowledge & Environment | DW

“China is the greatest destroyer of the planet”, “China is the worst country when it comes to pollution”, “China is to blame” – these are sentences that keep coming up in debates on climate change on social networks. But what role does China actually play? Since 2008, China has been in first place ahead of … Read more

Fact check: How dangerous is the Delta variant really? | Knowledge & Environment | DW

What exactly is the Delta variant? The Delta variant, also known as B.1.617.2, was first found in October 2020 in the Indian state of Maharashtra and has since spread widely in India and all over the world. This is why it was originally called the Indian variant, but the delta variant is now the common … Read more

Anesthesia after being vaccinated against COVID-19 causes death, expert: it’s a hoax

loading… JAKARTA – Chain message about COVID-19 vaccine still there. One that is currently being discussed is the issue of anesthesia after being vaccinated causes death. This information was widely circulated in WhatsApp groups and made some people worried about its veracity. What is the content of the message like? Also Read: After Receiving the … Read more

Fact check: How useful are corona vaccinations for children and adolescents? | Knowledge & Environment | DW

According to the CDC, around 600,000 children between the ages of twelve and 15 in the United States were vaccinated against COVID-19 within less than a week of the FDA’s approval of the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine for children. In Canada, too, which became the first country in the world to approve the said vaccine … Read more

Fact check: how well does a simple corona vaccination protect? | Knowledge & Environment | DW

Eight percent of those who received a primary vaccination with the corona vaccines from Moderna or BioNTech in the USA did not get the necessary second dose. That corresponds to around five million people, as the New York Times reported after evaluating data from the US health authority CDC. The reasons for this vary widely, … Read more

Fact check: How effective are night curfews? | Knowledge & Environment | DW

Germany is in the third wave of pandemics. Experts and politicians are now calling for stricter measures: In addition to a hard lockdown, nighttime curfews in particular are intended to help slow the spread of the corona virus. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach advocates this. The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder is also committed to … Read more

Fact check: how big is the risk of getting infected with Corona outdoors? | Knowledge & Environment | DW

How likely is it to contract Corona outside? The probability of being infected with the virus outdoors is significantly lower than in closed rooms – both with the original variant of the coronavirus and with the mutations. Aerosols, i.e. very small droplets in the air, play a crucial role in the transmission of the coronavirus. … Read more

The Smell of Covid-19 Sufferers Disturbed? Here’s How from Experts to Restore It

Liputan6.com, Jakarta- People with Covid-19 experience impaired smell and taste. To date, more than 100 million people have been infected. About 60 percent of sufferers have experienced impaired smell and taste, with 10 percent of them having prolonged symptoms. Quoted from theconversation.com, Professor of Rhinology and Olfactology, University of East Anglia Carl Philpott said, a … Read more