Dog tied to a pole and set on fire

Dog tied to a pole and set on fire: the horrible denunciation (Tuesday, November 16, 2021) Reading time: Cane stray was before tied up to a palo then given Everyone flames. Fortunately, despite the serious injuries sustained, the puppy managed to escape and was rescued by some volunteers “. This was announced by the regional … Read more

The cargo ship on fire off the coast of Canada: “Emits poisonous gases”

The fire on a container ship off the Pacific coast by EB / CorriereTv A fire broke out aboard a container ship anchored off the Pacific coast of Canada carrying chemicals and a toxic alert was issued. The 260-ton ship, ZIM Kingston, had initially lost around 40 containers at sea after a sudden storm. Shortly … Read more

All statistics highlights for the 10th Bundesliga round – football

The 10th round of the Bundesliga is on the program. On Sunday there will be a “basement duel” between Rapid and WSG Tirol. SV Guntamatic Ried – SK Austria KlagenfurtSaturday, October 2nd, 2021, 5 p.m., josko ARENA (live on Sky)Referee Alan Kijas – SK Austria Klagenfurt is unbeaten in competitive games against SV Guntamatic Ried … Read more

How much money did the merchant initially have?

When the merchant starts with the capital a0 had, after the first deal he owned a1 = a0 + a0/2 = 3/2 · a0. After the second transaction this sum was on a2 = a1 + a1/3 = 4/3 · a1 = 4/3 · 3/2 · a0 grown and after the third step to a3 = a2 + a2/4 = 5/4 · a2 = 5/4 · 4/3 · 3/2 · a0. It continues according to this pattern, so that after the ninth trade the merchant … Read more

Shohei Junior & Senior High School: News from member schools: Junior high school examination support: Education / examination / job hunting: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

Shohei Junior & Senior High School (Sugito Town, Saitama Prefecture), which became the first International Baccalaureate “MYP (Secondary Education Program)” accredited school in Saitama Prefecture, learned to incorporate group work into classes and see things from multiple perspectives. I’m letting you. By knowing the perspectives of others, students will deepen their thoughts and become conscious … Read more

After how many days do the runners all meet for the first time?

Zhang Qiujian (430–490) wrote the mathematical manual »Zhang Qiujian Suanjing«. It consists of three chapters with a total of 92 problems and their solutions, which deal with square and cube roots, arithmetic series, systems of linear equations, proportions, and area and volume calculations. Quite a few of these problems also come from entertainment mathematics, such … Read more

Zhao Haojie Liu Xin concert cosplay Hatsune Zhao Haojie and Liu Xin swimming pool

As a well-known female singer in the Mainland, Liu Xin has brought a lot of music works to her fans, but Liu Xin, who sang peacefully, caused heated discussions outside because of the first cosplay at a concert. Many netizens She was once bombarded and abused to get her out of the entertainment circle. In … Read more

Hemme’s math puzzle: How high above the ground is the stick bent?

Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni Abu r-Raihan (973-1048) posed in one of his books a problem of entertainment mathematics that the Chinese had known for centuries and that is still popular today. A vertical wooden stick, which has a length of 18 cubits, is bent. The tip of the stick now touches the ground at a … Read more

Ceriano – Drug abandoned on the fence, dog poisons himself and dies

Ceriano – Drugs abandoned on the fence, dog poisons himself and dies – MI-LORENTEGGIO.COM. 15 49.0138 8.38624 arrow 0 none 0 4000 1 0 horizontal 300 0 Last update: 22-07-2021 20:48:49 Updated on: 22-07-2021 20:48:49 Proverb: April aprilone, you will not make me put the fur down This website uses cookies. If you agree … Read more