Putin swears Russia’s victory at concert celebrating annexation declaration | Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed Russia would win its “military campaign” in Ukraine at a televised concert celebrating the annexation of four eastern and southern Ukraine provinces in central Moscow’s Red Square on Thursday. FILE PHOTO: A photo taken in Moscow in 2022. REUTERS PHOTOGRAPHER [30日 ロイター] – Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed that Russia would … Read more

Frank Lloyd Wright-designed kennel commissioned by 12-year-old boy – CNN.com

Renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed many iconic buildings, including Fallingwater in Pennsylvania and the Guggenheim Museum in New York. I have also designed a dog house in response. This boy, Jim Berger, grew up in San Anselmo, Marin County, California. Berger’s home was designed by Wright at the request of Berger’s parents, according … Read more

Schools in Russia and occupied areas, government-approved history education is important = Mr. Putin | Reuters

On September 1, the first day of the new school year in Russian schools, President Putin (pictured) met with children selected from all over the country in a school classroom in the western Kaliningrad region and shared a history recognized by the government. He talked about the importance of teaching. The photo is taken in … Read more

Angle: A wave of inflation spreads to pets, abandonment of breeding surges in the UK | Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – Harriet, a black English cocker spaniel, sits in a glass kennel waiting for her new owner. In the UK, more and more people are giving up their pets due to the rising cost of living, and Harriet is one such abandoned dog. Harriet was found running on a busy London street corner … Read more

CNN.co.jp: You are a terrible mother and you who are depressed Even worse mothers in the animal world – (1/2)

(CNN) If you’re a mother, you’ve probably experienced the recurring mental game of asking yourself “what if” once you found out you were going to be a parent. For example, “What if my child never learns to read?” “What if my child likes his father (mother) more than himself?” What if?”, “What if I make … Read more

Dogs and humans go into the ring: Europe’s agility greats compete in Emmendingen – Emmendingen

At the agility tournament on the grounds of the dog sports center in Emmendingen, teams from eight countries will start at the weekend. The highlight is the competition on Sunday. The dog sports center in Emmendingen is expecting around 330 starters for the Winterling multi-country competition on Saturday and 250 on Sunday for the Master … Read more

Extreme weather continues to sweep Europe and the EU, calling for a ceiling for outdoor working temperature- 8world

Extreme weather continues to sweep Europe and the United States. Two forest fires in northwest France last week, confirmed to be arson, are the third arson in recent times. Three people have died of heatstroke at work in Madrid, Spain. The European Union has therefore called for a working temperature ceiling for employees who work … Read more

CNN.co.jp: What to do if a crocodile attacks Experts teach countermeasures-(1/3)

(CNN) If attacked by an alligator, many would probably be scared, but few would actually be attacked. Currently, the United States is home to an estimated 5 million wild American alligators, spanning the southeastern United States and 10 other states, including parts of North Carolina and the southeastern part of Oklahoma. Louisiana, with a population … Read more

If you take a peek at the life of a doctoral student studying history in Florence | Real life situation of the world seen from “Kakeibo” Italy

CULTURE 5min2022.6.17 Real life situation of the world seen from “household account book” Italy edition Simone Girolia Born in Sardinia.She is studying history at the European University Institute Text and Photographs by Ayaka Ueda If you look into the household account book, you can see how people live in the area. This time, I visited … Read more