Irina Allegrova canceled all solo concerts due to the RF SVO and lost about 14 million rubles

Irina Allegrova has rarely appeared on stage in recent years. The artist has planned two concerts in March – in Minsk and St. Petersburg. However, recently it became known that the singer refused to perform because of the NWO RF. The fans were waiting for the performer. Despite the fact that there was a month … Read more

“Education is the promotion of the country’s standards”

The outgoing year was marked by a fundamental restructuring of relations between Russia and the collective West that had developed over the past quarter of a century, accompanied by the destruction of relations in the political and economic spheres. About how this affected the activities of one of the leading Russian universities, about the “culture … Read more

The 2022 Luo Zhongli Scholarship begins to solicit – Cultural and Creative Design – Creative Competition Network – Design Competition_ Design Competition

The 2022 Luo Zhongli Scholarship begins to solicit Views:4710 Times Release time: 2022-09-21 Deadline: 2022-10-15   To the future  TO THE FUTUREFirst of all, because of love, we chose art.From ancient times to the present, art has continuously surpassed established norms and existing logic, and is the carrier of possibility and imagination. On the one hand, it … Read more

“Honored educators will receive lump-sum and lifetime payments” / – Information Agency of the Far East

In the Amur region, on the initiative of Vasily Orlov, the title “Honored Worker of Education of the Amur Region” was established. As part of the competitive selection, 25 people are already applying for it, but only ten will be awarded the title, their names will be known on the eve of Teacher’s Day, the … Read more