These 4 Amazonian animals can be dangerous for humans

La Bothrops atrox (commonly known as the velvet snake, yellow beard, nauyaca, nauhyacatl or four noses and mahuaquite) occurs in almost all of northern South Americabeing widely distributed in the Amazon basin, which is born in the Peruvian Andes and flows into the Atlantic, at the mouth of the Amazon River. According to the Museum … Read more

New humanism, new education

During this last week I have been reading a book that I recommend to all those who are in the service of leadership, whatever the sector, but especially to those who work in the field of education, with an emphasis on higher education. The book is titled “Leadership” and its author is Henry Kissinger, from … Read more

Inflation and the rise of the dollar, the factors that hit the costs to carry out concerts

Last year was the great season of reactivation of the cultural sector after the pandemic and, specifically, that of the great concerts. It became common for several shows to take place in a month, even by great international artists who They already identify Colombia as a mandatory stop on their tourswhich had been paused in … Read more

Animals – Wilhelmshaven – Climate and environmental changes lead to species change in the mudflats – Knowledge

Wilhelmshaven (dpa) – In the Wadden Sea off the East Frisian coast, the occurrence of certain animals such as snails, mussels, crabs and worms has decreased significantly over the past 40 years, according to a study. Researchers at the Senckenberg am Meer Institute (Wilhelmshaven) and the University of Oldenburg attribute this primarily to a decline … Read more

Education and household items marked inflation in February to a maximum of 13.28%

Inflation has not subsided and remains the highest figure of this century despite the fact that the Banco de la República maintains its restrictive monetary policy, albeit with a slight slowdown. According to data published by the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), in February 2023, the monthly variation of the CPI was 1.66%. In … Read more

“We cannot go out to teach at El Saler even if it is 400 meters away”

“How many hours should welding and boilermaking students allocate to welding practices? How many hours should free time, guide, or lifeguard students allocate in a natural environment? In all cases they allocate much more than 16%, the more practice, the better. Well, in our cycle of Education Environment have decided that it will be many … Read more

📝 Editorial: Strengthening the fight against wild animal crime | Environment

Hanoi (VNA) – Relevant Vietnamese bodies have identified the illegal consumption and trade of wildlife samples as one of the serious challenges to biodiversity conservation. Therefore, a series of actions aimed at combating, preventing and reducing the demand for consumption of wild animals and their products has been implemented. According to Do Quang Tung, director … Read more

Education and household items, the ones that increased their monthly variation the most

For February 2023, the monthly variation of the CPI was 1.66% compared to the previous month. The division that generated the most contributions to the CPI in the month was Education with a monthly variation of 8.50%being the highest of all categories. According to Dane, the largest price increases were registered in the subclasses graduates, … Read more