SandlerFest concerts at the Green Theater at VDNKh

July 2 12:00 – Opening of the Depeche Mode Tribute Show “Enjoy the Symphony” with the “Midnight Symphony” orchestra There are few live recordings in history comparable in popularity to Depeche Mode’s “101”. By 1989, on the musical Olympus, the Depeche Mode group had firmly taken the position of a well-known, cult and famous group. … Read more

Red Weekend: ARTE Concert broadcasts concerts today and throughout the weekend …

30.06.2022 – 16:56 GEIE ART Strasbourg (ots) The legendary “splash! Festival” is back in Ferropolis, the “City of Iron” in Gräfenhainichen in Saxony-Anhalt. After two years of dry spells, Germany’s biggest hip-hop festival is returning this year: the “Red Edition” will take place from June 30th to July 2nd. ARTE Concert should not be missing … Read more

His beloved dog needs an operation

Nerve-wracking hours for Harald Glööckler! His beloved dog, Billy King, needed surgery because the black-and-white Papillon had a one-centimeter bladder stone that could have killed him. Because you cannot smash the bladder stone like in humans, but in dogs it has to be surgically removed. It’s understandable that Harald wasn’t in the best of shape. … Read more

Education is important to Natalia

FREE | Mi 29.06.2022 14:00 Natalia vs. Charline Charline (29) is raising her son Cleon (1) gender neutral. And if he likes, she will also sew him a princess dress. Completely incomprehensible for the native Russian Natalia (33). Her son Nikolai (1) should become a real man.

Gyudon’s Yoshinoya’s hidden back menu “Animal bowl” is intensely delicious | Niconico News

The Yoshinoya is gyudon, but there are many delicious bowl dishes and side menus besides gyudon. Everyone may have a favorite Yoshinoya menu, such as “Yoshinoya is a beef bowl!”, “Yoshinoya goes to eat curry”, “Yoshinoya miso soup is a god, so-called God”. Secretly loved by Yoshinoya enthusiasts Did you know that the Yoshinoya has … Read more

2021’s biggest hit true story action in Korea “14 days until Mogadis escape” | Radio Topi Radio Kansai Topics

South Korea and North Korea were competing in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, in 1990 with the aim of joining the United Nations. “14 days until the escape from Mogadis”, which is a movie adaptation of the true story of the embassies of both countries involved in the civil war, will be released on July … Read more

Klassik am Dom 2022 Linz – guests, concerts, dates in July 2022

Klassik am Dom 2022 in Linz on Domplatz Linz has illustrious guests in July 2022 – and there are still tickets for the concerts. Klassik am Dom 2022 Linz – Guests, concerts, dates in July 2022 – Photo: Matthias Mitterlehner on Unsplash Classic at the cathedral in Linz can hopefully take place as planned in … Read more

Singer Nasreen Kadri canceled anniversary concert in Caesarea due to coronavirus

On the evening of June 26, less than 24 hours before the concert in Caesarea, singer Nasreen Kadri announced that she had contracted the coronavirus and was forced to cancel her performance. With this concert, the singer intended to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her musical career. According to Walla, 3 thousand tickets were sold … Read more

Schlager night of the year 2023: cities, dates, artists

Die Hit night of the year 2023 finds in different citiesdistributed throughout the year on other dates and always with many artists instead of. Schlager Night of the Year 2023 Cities, Dates, Artists – Photo: Free-Photos on Pixabay Here you can find them Dates 2023 of the Schlager Night of the Year, the places where … Read more

Concert of the group “Masha Maria” at VDNKh

On July 8, on the roof of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman pavilion, a concert by the Masha Maria group, which has already become a good summer tradition, will take place. On the day of family, love and fidelity under the summer sky, all those who are in love with life will hear new songs … Read more